How I Use Nimble for Business Development

Welcome to our brand new blog series where we ask our users to share how they use Nimble! Today, we kicked the series off with Paul Bradley Smith, who is using Nimble mostly for Business Development. Paul talks about his favorite features and what business problems they help him to solve.

Is there a particular use case you would like to see covered in this series? Let us know in the comments or email me at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

How I Use Nimble for Business Development (1)

Name: Paul Bradley Smith
Company: Strategy by pBs, LLC
Company Size: Small (1) Person
Industry: Digital Strategy, Business Development & Inside Sales
Role: Founder & Managing Member

I use Nimble mainly for:
Business development, organization of sales pipeline & funnel, group messaging & read receipts to stimulate and open up new opportunities for my clients.  

What business problems are you solving?
Creating growth for my clients by breaking through the barriers of B2B sales process by opening up opportunities to engage directly with decision makers.

What benefits have you realized?
Nimble has created tremendous efficiencies with the sales pipeline and bringing my clients a more consistent business flow of qualified decision makers.

Realized benefits:
Saved between 30-40% of my time inputting data into the CRM. Offers insights into the decision makers and gives me an advantage when prospecting via the phone. Nimble pulls the data after only needing to input an email. Amazing solution.

Favorite Features:
Email group messaging – Why? Read receipts allow me to see who has opened the email along with which links and call prospects just as they open it since there is a high probability they are close to their phones – Nimble has helped me create enormous efficiencies – very grateful for this.

Favorite features of Nimble in order for business development & inside sales:
1. Group messaging with read receipts
2. Data Segmentation
3. Simplicity of sales pipeline funnel to keep track of pipeline
4. Insights you get via social media (ie) Twitter – being able to take a sneak peak into their interests before calling.
5. The organization Nimble brings to having everything in one location – gives you a significant advantage.

Specific use case:
There is no doubt Nimble has created significant efficiencies and become part of my daily process. Nimble is now the first thing I sign into each morning and I rely on Nimble like it is part of my own mind.    

Secret Tip:
Send out (30-50) group messages a day to qualified prospects and you will begin to get really busy – FAST.

Tip: Call them close to when they opened the email or clicked on your link.  

What is your level of experience/For how long have you been using Nimble?
Been using Nimble for over a year and LOVE IT.  Thankful for Bryan Kramer making the introduction to Jon Ferrara and his team. Nimble is by far the BEST CRM I have ever used and I have used them all. Why? Simple, it’s smart and easy to use and it creates tremendous efficiencies not having to input so much data and everything is in one location.   

Have you used any CRMs before? If so, which ones?
Salesforce, SalesLogix, Highrise, Zoho, Sugar, Act, Goldmine & a number of others throughout the years. All of these have the same issues and that’s why I began my search to find a new CRM which lead me to Nimble. They require a LOT of TIME to input and sort your data. I knew right away Nimble was revolutionary and decided immediately to become a solution partner. Very grateful I did.