How Agile is Your Selling?

Last week, I talked with Jill Konrath about her newest book – Agile Selling. Jill described her prior books – Snap Selling and Selling to Big Companies as the “how” of selling. In Agile Selling, she teaches sellers how to “be” a great salesperson.


Jill describes agile selling as the ability to quickly learn and assimilate key information needed to leverage for achieving sales objectives. In selling today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with so much information coming at us. It’s daunting on its own, but the stakes are even higher when you are expected to be delivering immediate sales results at the same time.

Whether you are promoted into a new position, transitioned to another company or adapting to a changed business climate, Jill’s agile selling strategies will help you:

  • Pinpoint the right information and you need now and the skills you need to learn
  • Make the business case to prospects for making a change
  • Uncover the most effective sales approaches to use
  • Look at problems in a new way to discover fresh solutions
  • Maximize your productivity each and every day

If you think you don’t have time to learn strategies for agile selling – think again! Learning is the most important skill that sellers need today.

Listen to my conversation with Jill in this podcast interview and you will come to understand that agile selling isn’t a nice to have – it is a sales priority!