HootSuite and Nimble Together = Social Selling Super Powers

Today we are very proud to announce that the Nimble app integration with HootSuite now supports Nimble Contacts. With the updated and enhanced HootSuite integration, users add the benefits of Nimble’s insightful relationship management features from their HootSuite dashboard, making for more efficient, enjoyable, and productive social selling workflows.

HootSuite is the premier social relationship platform that makes it possible to collaboratively execute social media strategies across networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard.
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Already a HootSuite user? Use this link to Install the Nimble app for HootSuite now!

If you don’t have a HootSuite account, sign up here to Install Nimble in your HootSuite dashboard.



From your HootSuite dashboard, you can see and act on any of your contacts using your Nimble account.

Nimble Contacts Widget for Hootsuite-495

As you use HootSuite to monitor and build your social media presence, establish credibility, and engage, now you can take any actions you would normally do in Nimble, without leaving HootSuite. For example:

  • Add, edit, or update your Nimble contact records.

  • Check on any of your contacts’ social networks and reach out on other channels.

  • Assign a Tag to segment contacts.

  • Use Nimble’s Mark as Important star system so timely messages stay front and center.

  • Set a schedule with the Stay in Touch reminder system (If you fall out of touch, Nimble will remind you).

  • Add and Assign Activities to yourself or your team members.

  • Add Task reminders for future actions you need to remember.

  • See how you and your team are connected to anyone in your network.

Barbara Giamanco, author of  The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media, has been beta testing the enhanced version of the Nimble app for HootSuite (and will join the panel on an upcoming Nimble webinar in November).  Her thoughts about the benefits of using social media worktools to boost social selling processes:

“The face of social selling is changing rapidly — a significant expansion from selling via traditional methods. In today’s sales environment, you need a holistic view of all your contacts — and all the social networks where they have a presence.  Without the Nimble Contacts app now available for HootSuite, you’d be flying blind. With the app, you expand your access to the context that helps you gauge the immediate needs of customers and leads. With the app, you switch from a narrow view to being able to see your complete shared history and details, raising the odds of creating a successful buying opportunity, as well as a natural way to deepen the relationship over the long term.”

Benefits of the Nimble/HootSuite integration to your social selling success:

  • Rapidly review and respond on any channel — drop a quick email, look over your shared history, scan your contact’s social footprint, and more.

  • Add leads and new contacts effortlessly.

  • Reach out one-to-one with relevant touches to deepen and nurture relationships over time.

  • Conduct research and qualify customers and leads — view profiles to establish market fit and judge readiness of potential customers.

  • View buying triggers, monitor interest, and respond to promising signals.

  • Engage and educate — provide content customized to need, trend, or expressed interest.

“For the power HootSuite user, this integration is epic!! As integrations go, you have done a first-class fantastic job — about as complete an integration as I have seen from anybody period!  Craig M. Jamieson, Owner, Sales Results

“I use the app when I don’t recognize the name of someone who sent me a direct message or mentioned me in a tag. I can easily click on their picture and view their profile, and that helps make sure I’m making solid connections. It helps me save time.” – Alice Heiman, sales expert

Using Nimble and HootSuite in a complementary way creates a “righteous cycle” of monitoring, listening to, engaging with, and organizing your most important relationships.  Now it’s possible to leverage your most powerful and valuable asset — your relationships — to support social selling behaviors.

“This new app is a real boost to my workflow. It puts all the goodness of Nimble right there in my HootSuite account. As I prospect on HootSuite, Nimble is always at hand to support me — and save me time.” – Barbara Giamanco

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Many thanks to our beta testers for their time and feedback. As always, we are grateful for the support of our user community.