Getting started on Social Selling

Getting started on Social Selling

Social media’s soaring popularity has transformed customers’ expectations.  They don’t want to be talked at with interruption marketing.  Instead they want to be engaged in a 2-way conversation through tweets, blogs, Facebook and other social media platforms.  Engage with your customers before your competitors do.

In this thriving online network, smart businesses are getting social to sell.

How do you create a strategy that works?

Business man engaging socially

The important thing to remember is it’s nothing new! It’s just bringing what you do offline – online.

If you forge relationships, share valuable content and initiate relevant discussion about your business, you are social selling.  Used properly, it’s a powerful way to reach customers and spread your marketing message.  As people give you feed back you’ll learn more too.

Through knowledge sharing and engagement you will win loyalty and your followers will retweet and Facebook share your message to a new audience.   This is what we call amplification or extended reach, it’s a key metric to social selling.

Get the right tool for the job
Nimble Social Widget

Perhaps you’ve delayed fully embracing online social selling because you lack time and you need tools to make it easier to manage all your conversations and connections.  If so, a social CRM system like Nimble can really help.

With Nimble you can follow all your customers’ social media conversations and engage directly with them from a single area.   If time’s preventing you getting social, explore Nimble and discover how it could enhance your social selling strategy.

In my next blog I’ll be showing you some ways to find prospects and engage with them socially.