Gain Insight Into Your Network with Nimble’s New Segmentation Features

We’ve created a new way for you to see into your network — Segmentation.

Segmentation means that Nimble is now finding ways to help you better understand who your customers and prospects are — a new way to view and analyze your network, so you can fine-tune and focus your activities

When you can slice and dice your network to understand it’s composition, you can take action immediately and focus on those contacts that will grow your business.

The average Nimble user has over 4,000 contacts in their account. Obviously, there’s no way one person, or even a small team, can have a true overview of their network without the right work tool to keep up with such a large group of contacts! Segmentation is just another Nimble way to keep your network dynamic — not a dusty file room!

The Segmentation Feature – Now on Your Sidebar

On the sidebar, you’ll see a new heading, Group By over the categories Company and Title.

Using Group By — Sort and Take Bulk Actions

When you Group By either Company or Title, we show you the top 100 results from your network. Let’s say I had sorted on Company>Mashable and gotten 54 results:

I can select all 54 results (or any subset) and take action from the bulk function menu to Mark as Important, set a Stay in Touch reminder, Add Tags, Export a CSV file, etc.

Monitor a Segment’s Social Signals  (Just Save the Search!)

Another way to use your Group By results wisely — Select a segment and look at their Signals!

Here’s an example:

  1. Select Group By>Title.

  2. Select a Title whose social streams you’d like to view (e.g., Director).

  1. Save the results as a Saved Search (it will appear on your Saved Search sidebar).

  2. Go to the Signals Tab and select Signals (beta) from the sidebar.

  3. Your Saved Searches appear in the drop-down. Click on Director and you can see Signals just for your contacts at Director level.

Always Know What Group You’re Looking At — Your Sorted Results Now Have a Title!

Filters, Group By, Saved Searches, and Tags are now titled at the top of any short list, so you always know what filtered view you’re looking at. Over the short term, the Nimble team will have some surprises in store for these Group views!

Once you select all or some of your results with checkmarks, you can take actions on many fronts on the bulk function menu:

You can Mark as Important, set Stay in Touch reminders, Tag, Export, and more. With a title at the top of your list, you always know exactly what Group you’re acting on.

These new Segmentation features and enhancements are like a periscope — one that permits you access to what your contacts are saying, sharing, and interested in — what is resonating with them right now. This tremendous advantage can save you time, guide your actions, and help you strengthen your relationships.

Alyson Stone is director of content strategy for Nimble, and a frequent contributor to the blog

Photo credit: Glyn Lowe