Find out how Skyline Boston nurtures customers with Nimble

Skyline Boston and Nimble case studySkyline Boston is a company that has been providing other organizations with tradeshow exhibit solutions for over twenty-five years.

Up until recently the Skyline Boston team had been using GoldMine CRM as their contact management solution. However, in 2012 they decided to finally make the switch to a cloud-hosted CRM.

Brian Butler at Skyline Boston says, “When we decided to upgrade [our CRM software] we began looking for a hosted solution that had a clean interface, wasn’t loaded down with a bunch of features we didn’t need and could be used by the whole team no matter what their technical skill level.”

After meeting with a local Nimble partner, Harvest Solutions, the Skyline team decided to adopt Nimble as their CRM of choice. With Nimble’s built-in social features, Skyline Boston is now closing social sales!

Brian says, “Thanks to Nimble our team just closed a sale from LinkedIn. We’re looking forward to discovering and nurturing more sales opportunities like this!”

Download the full case study to learn more details about why Skyline Boston chose Nimble as their CRM.

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