How Employee Happiness is the Key to Business Growth

Running a business requires a unique way of handling issues and the ability to be personable while handling your employees. The morale of your employees can significantly determine the culture and trend of your entire company. Research shows that happy employees can increase productivity by 20%, while workers who are not content at their company can reduce productivity by over 10%.

Good rapport with your team shows that you not only care for the level of productivity they generate but that you have a genuine interest in your team’s welfare. You should ensure that you understand the challenges your team might be working through to show that you can support them during stressful times, as well as share in their celebrations. The following are some strategies for improving team relations:

How to Ensure Your Office is a Comfortable Place to Work

As an employer, you should make the office an attractive, clean, and safe environment to work in. Investing in current technologies and furniture can have a surprising impact on your team’s morale.

Modernizing your workplace does not mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg on furniture and equipment. You can find reasonably priced, attractive wooden office furniture at most department stores or online. if it’s within your budget, consider hiring a local designer to decorate the place with different designs.

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How to be a Respectful and Supportive Leader

Respect means that you are supportive, honest, and appreciate the hard work your team has done for you. Communicate properly to your team to ensure that the company’s overall mission is understood.

As a manager, you should be approachable and capable of solving internal problems with a level head. Good communication across the board is key in a healthy, proactive work environment. This will most likely take some practice; if you are new in the management, you can use the various material to learn more management skills, like business journals and books.

How to Increase Employee Retention Using Benefits

This goes without saying, but nothing is of more importance than retaining quality employees.

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To keep the team that you spent a lot of money and effort recruiting, you should offer incentives programs and benefits. Therefore, you should provide good benefits to your team. For an example, you can include all your employees under the green slipcover, which provides them with third-party insurance that enables them to claim compensation in case of an injury during working hours. CTP green slip will cover for all the claims on your behalf.

The Importance of Allowing Room for Growth

The delegation of roles is necessary for the streamlined management of a business. Your team should have a clear vision of their path to success within the company in order to develop their management skills more rapidly. Assign your senior employees to manage appropriate branches within the company and allow them to take control of specific operations. Good employers offer promotions to the employees who do an excellent job, increase their salaries, and other benefits.

Why You Should Share Positive Feedback

When the customer provides a “thank you” message for a job well done, share the information with your entire team. They will be motivated by the fact that their hard work is noticed, and that it’s driving real results for the company.

Thus, your team would want to work even harder to serve as many customers as possible. You also create exemplary customer networking and customer-business relationship. Congratulate individuals who accomplish career milestones or deliver a stellar customer experience. This will foster a sense of community within your company and motivate others to work harder for the chance to shine.

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Show Transparency to Boost Productivity

Allow your team to learn about the growth of your organization, and they will feel like partners in the business. This will garner a sense of pride in their position and spark the motivation to give it their best.

Share high-level information with the team by diving into the company’s undertakings, new employee highlights, and the percentage of goals met per quarter. Sharing this information can help you point out areas of weakness in the production process. Also, the workers can help you to lift the burden of challenges during the low market trend.

Be Flexible with Remote Employees

Today, employees want to work from outside of the office. With modern technology, business teams can work in tandem while remote through emails, collaborative platforms such as Slack and Skype, or even through their CRM. Teams can execute most tasks while working from home in the and oftentimes experience a higher level of productivity. Today, 80% of businesses offer the option to work from home in order to attract top talents.

Why You Should Provide Food in the Workplace

As I’m sure you know, hunger can greatly interfere with the concentration of any team member. As an innovative manager, you should find a way to provide food to your employees during working hours. Providing food for the entire team can add up, but there are solutions available to alleviate the costs such as buying wholesale.

Providing snacks and break room food further indicates that your interest is not just what the team can produce for you, but that you also care for their health and well-being. The act of kindness can attract more team members and help you retain solid, reliable employees.

Closing Thoughts

The above strategies can help you manage the productivity of your team, as well as the whole company. These practices of being a compassionate manager and team leader will amplify your business efforts by retaining well-rounded employees, increasing morale, and creating a community — not just an office space.