7 Innovative Ways to Make Your e-Commerce Brand Successful

We often hear people say, “Pass me a Kleenex,” or “That picture reeks of Photoshop.” Now, even though these statements signify tissues and photo editing respectively, each of these particular brands has made such a name for themselves that they have become synonymous with the product itself.

That’s the goal your brand should aim for – to stand out amongst your competition. And it is expected that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. Therefore, this is the best channel through which your brand can find success.

The question that arises next is that in this tech-savvy generation, what can you do to make sure your e-commerce brand stands out? If you’re looking to launch your own e-commerce brand, here are some successful e-commerce strategies that can help you carve out your niche:

#1: Make Your USP Even Better

You need to have a unique selling proposition that is truly unique. Your brand may stand out with a unique product or experience. But if you’re selling something similar to your competitors, you have to position your product in a completely different way or from a unique angle.

Crossrope, for example, has positioned themselves as a fun-filled exercise experience. They sell jump ropes according to people’s fitness goals and they encourage customers to have fun while getting lean or getting strong. However, it’s nothing new. It’s basically just a jump rope, but they’ve managed to differentiate themselves through this unique positioning.

e-commerce success tips

#2: Consider an Interactive Web Design

Human beings are visual creatures, and hence, it should come as no surprise that most consumers consider visual experiences to be the most crucial factor before making a purchase. So, regardless of whether you have a good product or not, your e-commerce brand will go unnoticed unless you have an engaging web design.

Full-length images and the absence of distracting text are some of the key elements for creating an attractive webpage. You could even do something different from your competitors by adding interactive elements that make the experience much more memorable.

Plus, it’ll be easier for you to provide shoppers with more accurate product recommendations and more personalized shopping experiences. Warby Parker, for example, has added an interactive element in the form of a quiz to help shoppers find the best eyewear designs based on their preferences.

e-commerce success tips

#3: Change the Way You Tell Your Story

Tell your brand’s story as if you’re talking to a friend. Personify your brand by adding some personality to your content and communication. This includes not only your website but also all of your communication via social media, email, and advertising. Set yourself apart by telling your story differently, and in an authentic manner. This will help you build relationships online with your customers.

Have you ever seen any other chocolatier talk like BON BON BON before? The team calls themselves Babes Babes Babes. This is one super cool brand with top-notch craftsmanship.

They are brutally honest when they are sharing the story of how the founder started the shop using her insurance money. Their website design is fun and creative. And if you take a glance into their shop interiors, you can get an idea of their creativity.

e-commerce success tips

#4: Be Present Everywhere

If you think having an online presence means only having a website, you need to reconsider. With internet use becoming increasingly popular, you have to be everywhere, so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

You should ensure that mobile users can easily access your website because mobile internet usage is increasing. This means you need to make your website mobile-friendly. You could even take it a step further by building an app for your brand.

Apps are becoming a cultural phenomenon. They allow customers to easily browse products and complete their purchases using their phones. According to Statista, by 2020 mobile apps will generate $189 billion in revenue through app stores and in-app ads.

e-commerce success tips

Apart from having a website and an app, you have to be present on social media as well. Create a well-thought-out social media strategy and be present across various social media channels. Have a team to manage your social media so your brand can put a focused effort into connecting with customers and engaging them.

If you have already come this far, you may want to consider the internet of things (IoT) as well. The internet of things has made it possible for brands to stay connected with customers through all of the interconnected devices, like smartphones, smartwatches, and smart home devices.

Domino’s, for instance, is present everywhere so that you can order at your convenience. You can order from the mobile app, website, Alexa devices, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger, aside from the offline channels. They call it the Domino’s Anyware campaign.  

e-commerce success tips

#5: Add Personality to Your Content

Add a special tone to your content so that your customers can recognize it. This will help give your brand a unique personality. Share your thoughts and ideas or solve a problem with your content so that your brand can be recognized as a thought leader.

Tell a story and make it entertaining. Use humor as the key ingredient if it’s in tune with your brand’s personality. Formatting, design, and images also play an important role in giving some personality to your brand. Good content associated with a brand is more memorable.

For example, take a look at how the organic nut milk seller, Fronks, presents themselves in terms of content and design. This shows how impactful a simple presentation can be.  

e-commerce success tips

#6: The Right Partnership Goes a Long Way

It’s true that having your own website is a valuable marketing tool in itself. But successful e-commerce strategies indicate that showing up on other platforms will only add to your credibility. Hence, it’s imperative that you choose the right brands and people to partner with.

You don’t always have to be associated with the biggest brands or people in the business, especially if you’re just starting out. Even partnering up with relatively smaller companies and influencers can help vouch for your brand’s trustworthiness. Highlight these partnerships on your homepage.

Platforms like Grin work as influencer management platform and help brands have all the influencers in one place so that they can be well managed. Influencers can help put your brand in the spotlight. At the same time, Influencers raise brand awareness and engage a relevant audience.

De Rococo, the fashion brand, partnered with the fashion influencer, Danielle Bernstein. In the example below, she mentioned the brand in her post. This makes the brand visible to Danielle’s 1.9 million Instagram followers. This post has 36.5 k likes.

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#7: Analyze and Improve

If you are just starting out with your e-commerce brand, then you’re probably still figuring things out. The best way to keep track of whether your product is being viewed and purchased is by using a tool like Google Analytics.

You can determine details like percentage of product sales and page visits using this and track your brand’s progress. So you’ll be able to create a plan on how to engage your customers more effectively. This will also help you make improvements to sell your product better.

For example, if you have noticed that most of your traffic is coming from social media or specifically Instagram, you may even think of investing more money into Instagram for your next campaign. If the traffic is less than what you expected in a particular region, you might want to consider paying more attention to that area.   

e-commerce success tips


If you’re looking to establish your e-commerce brand today, then merely offering incentives like free shipping or various payment options isn’t enough. You need to go the extra mile and pick out the unique features that set your brand apart from your competition. And use them to your advantage. If you know any more effective ways to build a successful e-commerce brand, let us know in the comments below.