How to Start Using CRM for Real Estate Agents

Nimble CRM For Real Estate Agents

CRM for real estate management provides an extensive, quite helpful functionality apart from collecting and centralizing mass real estate data. It ultimately allows optimizing the realtor’s performance and makes one’s job utterly efficient. 

A Classic Example of the Real Estate Agent’s Workflow

  1. Real estate lead generation
  2. Presenting the property – refining property listings, preparing homes for a showing, etc.
  3. Checking legal documents – keeping all legal documentation in check
  4. Closing deals – an agent prepares all the documents, communicates with the bank if need be, and takes the responsibility for all payments taking place between a seller and a buyer; 
  5. Advertising – promotion of realty objects among existing and potential clients.

So as you can see, that is quite an exhaustive list of responsibilities to cope with. In practice, these major points can be even further subdivided into smaller tasks, creating even more work to handle.  

The most important aspects of the real estate agent’s performance are handling all tasks and client communication. The client cannot indicate how professional a certain agent is in their work. But they feel and pay attention to all the small details. 

A realtor leads the client through the most fitting rental or house purchase options like the director leads a viewer through their movie. And they also act as a good personal assistant for the client. So, everything counts. And, as an expert in your line of work, you should be able to provide smooth experiences for every other client you get to work with. 

How CRM Makes the Life of a Realtor Easier

Specialized systems can be used to make all the above-mentioned efforts easier and more optimized for the professional real estate agent. Not only do they facilitate many cumbersome tasks in the matter but they also help enhance the overall lead management results.

Fears & excuses of some realtors refusing to go for CRM

One fear that stops most realtors from becoming more advanced in their work is leaving their comfort zone to learn something novel. However, this shouldn’t hinder your professional growth. 

The excuse:

Time is needed to figure everything out and my time is precious. So why put any additional effort into it if I can simply put all the info down into my notebook or excel and get on with it? 

But why are such excuses completely unreasonable?

A CRM platform for real estate agents brings significant benefits, helping to most efficiently:

  • List out all the important KPIs & track the progress of achieving them;
  • Organize the schedule in utter details;
  • Centralize all the data in one accessible place;
  • Keep in touch with existing & previous clients through centralized contacts;
  • Automate many cumbersome tasks;
  • Customize the way you provide your professional services;
  • Save your time and boost your income.

Benefits of Nimble CRM

Nimble helps you keep all your contacts, messages, calls, notes, and reminders within a single intuitive interface. 

It will come in especially handy as a CRM for individual real estate agents who must cope with major workflow responsibilities all on their own. 

Nimble knows everything you did, will do and should be doing in terms of your professional real estate activities – how many deals you closed and failed (statistics are always useful), how many clients you should be servicing right now, and what future meetups are awaiting you. 

So planning real estate deals and efforts becomes easier, faster, and overall more efficient with Nimble CRM. 

What capabilities our CRM software for real estate agents offers in particular

  • Client meeting preparation. All the client data can be accessed from one convenient place — their contacts, dates of your last meeting or talk, purchase preferences, notes, interests, and even social media profiles;
  • Mobile opportunities. With the dedicated real estate agent CRM system, you aren’t attached to the office and can access all the required info through your smartphone without leaving your home;
  • Pipeline tracking. Nimble’s pipelines features can help realtors track the progress of their leads and deals. And these can be assigned to specific properties, too. So you can keep yourself organized and never let another lead fall through the cracks.
  • Tasking. In Nimble, you can assign tasks for yourself or your team and set respective deadlines. The system reminds you and all others responsible for the task about all the approaching deadlines;
  • Analysis/reports. No need to waste time organizing graphs and reporting tables. So just launch the CRM and view the real-time updated, automatic visualization of your activity and current achievements. It even makes real estate sales forecasts based on your previous rates of success;
  • Analytics. Built-in data analytics capacities help you answer the following questions:
      • why a person decided to turn to another realty agent;
      • how many client meetings & object demonstrations it takes on average to make clients close the deal;
      • how other client decisions tend to fluctuate from object to object.

Working with your team

  • Team Results & achievements. Monitor the performance of your real estate team members in real-time – who closed & failed how many deals, who was the most active, and such. Based on these reports, it will be easier to indicate individual performance rates and encourage the most eager workers with bonuses;
  • Email marketing. A CRM saves lots of time you would have to spend writing and sending individual emails. Nimble even has the option to save and reuse email templates with personalized messages.
  • Ads & realty object selection. The system can even help you advertise properties in your social media profiles and search for new properties at your request. And they can be then added to the CRM. 

Realtor CRM tool

When one of your clients contacts you through a CRM-integrated service, you can see all related data in your system. So you know who you’re talking to from the get-go and can easily pick up the topic from your previous conversation. All this can help you ultimately boost the level of client satisfaction you provide and become better at what you do as a whole.

So to get all the benefits of a specialized CRM for realtors, you should simply start using it and watch what wonders it does in improving how you do your job.


Nimble and other available best real estate agent CRM systems help to systematize and optimize your professional performance. Save your time and efforts while staying on the same page with every client, monitoring your or your team’s progress, and tracking all the statistical, analytical data in one place. As a result – expect some significant task-solving improvements and eventual income growth.