5 Authentic Ways to Offer Helpful Email Content During the Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, people across the globe are relying upon digital modes of communication. Be it news, retail, marketing, events, or insights, email communication has come forth as a more powerful medium than ever. With that being said,  COVID Email Marketing is the new certainty in these times of uncertainties!

While we are adjusting to the new normal, marketers are wagering on emails for all sorts of interactions. Along with sends, email open rates are also rising. A nearly 20% rise in the email opens have been marked since the COVID-19 epidemic fostered.

People are eager to grasp what you have to offer but it takes customized and thoughtful efforts in designing email marketing campaigns around the coronavirus scenario and you need the right email marketing resources to help you through. You, being a brand, need to come up as an inspiration and a helpful resource that your subscribers want to look up to. Along with being creative, you need to be considerate and empathetic while sending an email.

User inboxes are flooded with COVID-19 emails, but authentic messages never get unnoticed! So, when a question strikes about why should you send COVID marketing emails, read the below answers.

Why you should consider sending COVID marketing emails


The whole COVID scenario is new and uncertain. The panic is real and people are seeking answers to many things. Even if you aren’t a government body or directly related to the healthcare industry, there’s always something relevant out there (considering your own industry vertical) that you can offer. 

Your subscriber trusts you, and email being an imperative mode of communication between you and your subscribers, anything that transmits via emails is capable of making an impact. As bare minimum as it may sound, a simple “take care” message should also be enough, because your users are expecting it.


The world changed rapidly and people are still evolving and adapting to everything new! Remote work, self-isolation, and quarantine have changed the course of work. Informing about the changes that took place within your business is vital. If your employees are working remotely, with lesser staff, or at the full-strength, your subscribers should know what measures you are taking.

Be transparent about how it will impact them and the product or service you’re offering. Expected delays in delivery or responses and canceled or postponed events should be informed via emails. Being transparent about your work patterns is the most essential message that you should convey to your subscribers.

Doing Your Part For The Society

During these unprecedented times, businesses are coming forward to help fellow community members as a result of helping society stand strong. eCommerce stores are extending their return tenure whereas service sectors are providing free or discounted services. What we are trying to portray here is to be a helpful hand, in whatever manner possible, and help the community fight. An email regarding your special measures encourages users to take part in or avail of the benefits.

It is hard to get noticed during over-crowded email bombarding, but as long as you bring value to the table, your emails are gonna be appreciated.

A well-crafted COVID email is the one that’s well-sourced, useful, and empathetic. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you send emails during a pandemic.

  • Reach out only when necessary. Pandemic creates enough haste; never take this opportunity to gain business
  • Be empathetic
  • Provide resources that can help your users to fight the situation
  • Email industry-specific insights
  • Include ways to stay safe and positive
  • Provide helpful alternatives for otherwise abundant important resources
  • Utilize segmented email lists for better engagement and personalization
  • Follow government guidelines and spread the word through your medium
  • Be informative and share facts

We studied our inboxes and have jotted down five authentic ways to offer help email content during the pandemic. For inspiration, we’ve also curated a few emails by brands that are reaching out to their audiences via impactful email content. Read on to find out the ways and take cues from the examples to design your email campaign addressing the COVID-19 situation.

5 Ways to Offer Helpful Email Content During the Pandemic

A relatable and clear message can travel a long way; thus, curating the concept is pivotal in email marketing. It’s not always about sales but about building better consumer relations. Especially in such situations, the right communication broadens the horizons of connecting better.

Here are five authentic ways to offer helpful content via emails: 

Say You Care

COVID email marketing is all about empathy and offering a sense of relief in any way possible. Businesses are coming together to support local communities and SMBs. Tech companies are extending their product trial periods to support brands and eCommerce is offering up to 90 days return policy to help their customers while everything outside has become haywire.

For example, Email Uplers is offering email, landing page, and banner services worth $300 at no charge to support businesses affected by Covid-19. In a similar context, sending emails regarding safety is popular and needed. Check out Airbnb and Burberry’s emails.

airbnb covid email

burberry support email


Don A Creative Marketer’s Hat While Promoting

As we said earlier, empathy wins hearts, but if you want to win customers too, try it with a pinch of smartness! Find ways to amalgamate pandemic safety with your product or service and present it in a way that gets you brownie points for the caring message. SkillShare and Canva have worked upon the Stay Indoor campaign and have created interesting emails about how to utilize their products.

canva covid email


Spread Positivity

When the world is witnessing a setback, it is important to remain positive. Utilize this philosophy by providing your subscribers with an inspiring article, informative video, or a simple gesture of assurance. Brands are following this practice to establish a connection and spread positivity. 

Useful Service-Related Information

Businesses are utilizing digitization by contacting and converting consumers online. Email marketing is a great medium to convey how your store, clinic, shop, or services are operational during the pandemic. A reminder for the virtual assistance you’re offering, online courses, or a webinar you’re conducting are the kind of emails you could send that can help users learn while staying safe at home.

Apart from that, if you’re into retail or food business providing curb-side or no contact delivery, send emails emphasizing the safety measures you’re taking to serve better. Here’s an email we found spreading similar kinds of messages:

dunkin donuts covid email


Help Businesses to Run Businesses

The current COVID-19 situation has compelled or rather elevated many local, traditional, and small-scale retailers to start selling online. These businesses are new and inexperienced in the web world and its features. Many solopreneurs and SMBs have started selling online with whatever resources they have. You can send emails containing industry insights, useful hacks, free tools, and important updates for boosting sales and improving marketing. 


The coronavirus crisis is real and its impacts are lasting. Amidst the social distancing norms, take advantage of connecting virtually via emails. COVID email marketing is a salient and fresh feature for businesses to add to their marketing agenda.

Tech firms are making the most out of it by remote working and outsourcing workforce, whereas the local brands are going online to keep their business up and running. The economy is fighting a setback, but people out there are still finding consumers. Employ the suggested ways to design an impactful email marketing strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak, because the bump is likely to stay in for a long time.