How Much Does a CRM Cost?

Nimble CRM Cost

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software) can pack huge ROIs. But in order to do so, small business sales teams have to find the best one to suit their needs and is within their budget. 

Most CRM pricing plans are structured on a “per user, per month” basis with price breaks for people who opt into an annual plan. Essentially, you have to multiply the cost of your CRM by the number of people on your team that will be using it. If the base cost of a CRM starts at $19 per month and you intend on giving out four licenses to your team, your base cost is now $76 per month. 

Many CRMs have different plan tiers depending on what your needs are; if you just want the basics of customer relationship management, there is typically a stripped-down plan to meet your needs. Nimble has one straight-forward plan that covers all of the CRM basics while delivering actionable business insights everywhere you work on the web. 

With a vast market of over 370 CRM software platforms to choose from, it helps to narrow down your search by proactively working the cost into your monthly budget while considering how many people need to have access to your customer relationship management software. 

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This post is meant to help small to growing business teams see if Nimble CRM is the right Customer Relationship Management system for them and their budget. 

Here we go!

But first, why choose Nimble CRM?

  • Price is an essential factor to you because you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer,  or a small- to a medium-sized business owner
  • You need an easy to use and intuitive CRM
  • You connect with customers on social media and do a lot of prospecting across the web
  • You need your team to do the basics well; i.e. follow-up and follow-through with prospects and customers
  • You need your reps to be able to figure out your CRM immediately without help
  • You want a slick, simple, and modern interface
  • You want a CRM that works in your inbox, on social media, anywhere else on the web, as well as in third-party applications
  • You want to synchronize your contacts with your CRM and other business apps (such as Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Outlook, or Google Contacts) without breaking the bank
  • You want a human CRM with exceptional customer service (We know, everybody says their customer service is excellent, but we do make it a priority to make ourselves available to anyone who needs help)

Nimble is for your team if:

  • You and your team use Office 365 or G Suite and you want to make sure you can access your CRM without leaving wherever you’re working
  • You want a CRM that is easy to use and want your employees to be able to self-onboard
  • You don’t need a lot of customization
  • You want a CRM with great customer support (daily live Q&As, weekly training webinars, email, social media support, + 1:1 training when requested)
  • You need an intuitive CRM
  • Nimble has a smart and quick way to monitor, engage, and nurture business contacts—providing much-needed context to conversations.
  • You’re looking for a CRM that will help you expand your network and stay in touch with important people 
  • Need multiple pipelines to track deals, PR opportunities, influencer campaigns, and more

What features are available in the Nimble Business Plan?

Nimble currently has one plan available: the Nimble Business plan. This straightforward option begins as low as $19 per month when billed annually and $25 when billed monthly. 

Here is what’s included in the Nimble Business plan: 

  • Today Page DashboardQuickly scan your sales pipelines, calendar appointments, tasks, and social signals to track your daily, weekly, and monthly priorities. 
  • Contacts – Organize and group your CRM contacts into lists to engage more effectively at scale. 
  • MessagesA unified inbox of your Twitter and email conversations to help you store records of past communication and engage directly with your customers from within Nimble CRM.
  • Group Email Tracking & Reporting Send trackable email outreach to targeted lists to nurture your relationships with potential buyers and existing customers
  • Email Templates – Save time by using trackable email templates for your one-to-one or group message outreach. 
  • SignalsSee your social streams from your business Facebook Page and Twitter consolidated into a central location to engage with important contacts directly from your Customer Relationship Management system.
  • Activity Management – View calendar appointments, tasks, and schedule follow-up reminders for your contacts and teammates
  • Deals and Pipeline ReportingTrack your team’s sales and other business opportunities and report on those opportunities. 
  • Nimble Prospector Browser Extension – Take Nimble anywhere you work on the web to update Nimble and gather insights on your contacts and leads. 

  • Mobile Apps – Download Nimble Mobile for your Android or iOS device
  • Third-party integrations and API We integrate with over 100 third party applications through PieSync, Zapier, and have native integrations with MailChimp, other marketplace apps. Check out our Nimble App Marketplace.
  • Customization Customize your contacts and company data fields to tailor Nimble to your needs. 

And much, much more! For a full plan breakdown, visit our pricing page.

How much storage do I get with the Nimble CRM Business plan?

Storage in Nimble CRM includes all messages, activities, and deals. Email messages, and attachments to those messages, are the main cause of high storage usage in Nimble. 

Contacts are counted separately and are not included in your storage limit.

The Nimble Business account gives you up to 2 GB of storage per user and up to 25,000 contacts to share with your team account. 

To reduce storage, take the following steps:

  1. Delete older emails, particularly those with large attachments, from within Nimble or from within your email accounts that are connected to Nimble.
  2. Once you delete emails from your connected accounts, select “Refresh” on the “Messages” tab in Nimble to update your messages synced to Nimble. (Please note, Nimble’s email sync goes both ways – any emails you delete from within Nimble will also be deleted in your email account outside of Nimble, and vice versa.)
  3. Or, if you do not need your older email history to appear within Nimble, you may simply disconnect your email account(s) from Nimble in Settings >> Networks & Imports, and reconnect them to start the sync over. 

When you reconnect, we’ll sync the last 90 days’ worth of messages back to Nimble for you, and then continue to sync all new messages moving forward from that point. (Your older messages will still appear in your email account outside of Nimble!) 

  1. If you are an account administrator, you may then check your account storage in Settings >> Billing under “Account Usage” to see if you’re below the current threshold. All other account users may review this information in their Settings >> Account Usage page.

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams!