Converting Social Connections into Sales Opportunities: Nimble Growth Hacking w. Thubten Comerford

Just about anyone can amass a sizeable audience online. However, building a highly engaged community of prospective customers is another story entirely. Succeeding enables businesses to essentially monetize their followers, but it is also where most brands fail.

If you ask social media expert Thubten Comerford, building a massive audience and generating clout online is a rather simple growth hack; he’s even developed tech platforms and communities that make the task easier and more impactful.

In our most recent Nimble Growth Hack interview, marketing influencer and Fanatics Media CEO Mark Fidelman sat down with Thubten to help uncover how he utilizes his social acumen to efficiently prospect for customers.  Watch the complete interview above; read key insights below.

Thubten is the Founder and Co-Organizer of NewTech PDX and CEO of digital media services provider WePost Media.  Over the course of his career, Thubten has built millions of followers for himself and his clients while mentoring other startup founders in sales-oriented social media methodologies.

How Thubten Converts Social Followers into Actionable Leads

Thubten utilizes his own proprietary software through WePost Media to attract the people who are geographically specific, in the right demographic, and genuinely care about what a client has to offer. By employing this technology, WePost tests out a variety of social media programs and methods to establish the perfect fit for client’s goals. This is precisely how Thubten and his team helped marketing influencer Sheri Fitts amass more than half of her 63,000 engaged followers in less than a year:

“There are a couple things that are important [when building your audience]. The first is, ‘is the person interesting?’ So, are they relevant to what it is you’re doing? And the nice thing is that because of our software, we’re able to sort through most of the noise and spam and get to real people who are engaging. We know they are interested in what our client is doing because they follow back.”

Similar to utilizing SEO to drive website clicks, Thubten drives social traffic for his clients to capture relevant leads by using highly resonant content to cast a wide social net. Thubten next uses Nimble, to uncover prospective buyers’ numerous social accounts and see what they are talking about across the entire social ecosystem.

“Once they are following, you can use Nimble to do research on them and engage with them and take it another level deeper.”

Social conversations on their most engaged channels provide entrepreneurs and business owners a frame of reference for qualifying individuals and enough knowledge to reach out in an informed and resonant manner.

Despite having this knowledge, however, more data (mainly, their contact information) is needed to connect with potential buyers through a more direct and intimate channel:

“Nimble has a feature called Nimble Prospector which takes public information – the name of the person and the name of their company – and it will search the internet and give a highly educated guess at what their email address is. Nimble will also… give you their business address and also their phone number, if that’s available. It’s a really great way to flesh out your database of prospective clients who have expressed an interest in what you’re doing [by following] you.”

To help convert these individuals into paying clients, Thubten recommends serving up useful content that keeps followers engaged while highlighting your brand’s expertise:

“What’s going up on your social profile needs to be relevant, interesting, valuable, and posted regularly. If you are doing those four things, then that gives you the best chance of converting those followers further.”

Where to Find Thubten Online

Thubten is a true social media guru; his audience and social conversion acumen clearly reflect that he ‘walks the walk.’ Thubten has a vast understanding of a myriad of social tips, tricks, and Nimble hacks waiting to be explored.

If you have questions about how Thubten hacks social audiences, leave a comment in this post. You can also follow his Instagram page, reach out to him on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.