Closing the Circle: Bringing Your XING Contacts to Nimble

XING is a business network beast of Europe. It’s like LinkedIn for North Americans. Lately, the European market has spoken. They want the ability to bring XING contacts to Nimble.

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Today, I’m going to cut to the chase and introduce a new tool I’ve just launched for Nimble. It’s called ContactTouch, and it’s built to bring your XING contacts to Nimble.

While CT doesn’t give you the features the native integration does (like Nimble’s Twitter integration), it will keep all of your XING contacts continuously synced in Nimble. As you make new connections on XING, your Nimble account will get updated.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.42.53 PM

All of your current XING contacts are added to Nimble on the first sync. Your XING contacts will automatically be imported with a “XING” tag, letting you know who came from XING.

Duplicate contacts are avoided by doing an email check in Nimble before inserting. Any Nimble contacts with the same email address in XING will be skipped instead of blindly added. This way you keep a lot of duplicate data out of Nimble and don’t have to worry about future connections being double inserted.

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I’m also asking for advice from the community regarding XING importing.

– Which other features would you prefer?
– What do you see missing from this integration that would make it perfect for you?

Like I said, the response from the European Nimble community has been pretty strong. ContactTouch is the opportunity to connect Europe and Nimble in a stronger way than before. I am really excited to be apart of this and want to take every chance to get feedback and thoughts from each of you.

To start syncing your XING contacts to Nimble, go here to ContactTouch Nimble-XING and get started.

I’ll be there waiting for you to help you get your account set up.