Click To Tweet: This Little App Makes It Easy for You to Get the Word Out

I’m a great believer in making it easy for people to do you a favor. Recently our friend Shanelle Mullin at Evergage sent me an email asking me if I would help promote her company’s latest news.
Dear Alyson,
It’d be great if you could take a second to let people know our news. I’d really appreciate it if you would tweet, share and/or upvote.
To make it easy, here is a suggested tweet — Click to Tweet

All I had to do was click the link, and the tweet populated into my Twitter account — ready to share. This is what appeared:
When I pushed the Tweet button, here is what showed up in my Twitter stream:
I could have changed it if I wanted, but it was perfect just the way Shanelle had created it. I was able to help her, with very little effort.

Here are the steps again, per Shanelle:

  1. Head to the Click to Tweet website.
  2. Enter the text you’d like to automatically populate in the tweet. If you include a link, use a shortener like or so that you don’t waste characters. You can include @mentions here as well.
  3. Click the “Generate Link” button.
  4. Copy the link.
  5. Write your anchor text in your email or blog posts (e.g. “Click to Tweet”) and use the link Click To Tweet generated to make a live link.
I think Click To Tweet is an awesome little app — one that makes it so easy for people to help you disseminate your news. While you’re looking around, give Evergage a spin, too. With Evergage, you can personalize your website, web application, and entire customer experience. Use Evergage to track and respond to user behavior in real-time, throughout the entire customer lifecycle, to boost conversion rates and drive customer success. They really wowed our team.


Alyson Stone is director of content at Nimble. She is a frequent contributor to the blog.