How CCP Digital Uses Nimble to Monetize Bad Crypto Podcast

As the Bad Crypto Podcast celebrates its one-year anniversary with nearly 6 million downloads, hindsight looks 20/20 and the future is bright.

CCP Digital is a boutique Digital Advertising and Content Marketing Agency dedicated to helping businesses sell solutions and services to larger enterprises.

Last summer (July 17th, 2017), the agency’s co-founder and crypto enthusiast Travis Wright launched Bad Crypto Podcast with Futurist Joel Comm.

Informative, engaging, and irreverent, the Bad Crypto Podcast attempts to demystify the world of bitcoin, blockchain, litecoin, ethereum, alt-coins, token generation events, and ICOs for cryptocurrency newbies.

The Challenge

Bad Crypto hosts a weekly Crypto Spotlight to feature interesting, trending crypto companies and ICO companies pitching their offerings, while affording CCP Digital (the Sales and Marketing arm of BCP) the opportunity to monetize the show. However, identifying target companies to pursue sponsorships from was a time-consuming, challenging process.

CCP Digital, a Nimble fan since its beta, uses Nimble CRM to manage the program’s sales and outreach. At one stage, the team felt they should “practice what they preach” and migrate to Salesforce. Within just a few months, they came back to Nimble for its intuitive interface and ease of setup and use.  

“As a small business, we didn’t want to invest in the infrastructure, technical setup, and process behind utilizing Salesforce to meet our company’s needs,” explained Chris Pulley, COO of Bad Crypto and CEO of CCP Digital. “Nimble is perfect for small businesses like ours. It’s incredibly user-friendly, easy to set up, and convenient to use.”

The Solution

Nimble offers a sophisticated but simple CRM system that is much more comfortable for the Bad Crypto sales team to use. According to Chris, its robust prospecting, sales intelligence, smart segmentation, group messaging, and pipeline management tools make it easy for the sales team to connect with prospects and grow the show.

“Nimble allows us to compete with any company with the highest level of automation at a fraction of the cost, making it easy to quickly realize a positive ROI,” he added.

Nimble unifies Bad Crypto’s G-Suite contacts, Gmail, calendars, and social interactions in a central location and integrates with Telegram for a complete sales intelligence, sales enablement, and sales tracking solution.

The Nimble Experience

Nimble’s deal pipeline has dramatically improved CCP Digital’s ability to track and manage companies that want to sponsor the show. The team customized each deal stage in their sales pipeline – negotiations, contracts sent, deals closed, and payments pending – to enable the team to better track each potential sponsor throughout the sales process and easily assign follow-up tasks to team members.  

Because Bad Crypto’s lead activity tends to match market trends, the team reacts quickly whenever they see a downturn to draw more businesses into the pipeline.

When CCP Digital recently saw a 70 percent reduction in inbound leads as the market waned, they immediately increased their outbound efforts tenfold to offset the potential decline in sales opportunities.

Nimble lets us easily sort through 1,500 companies in our database to identify target companies for show sponsorship, and the once-laborious task of sending 200-300 personalized emails takes just two clicks,” explained Ryan Loiacono, head of sales operations. “Using Nimble, we’ve been able to close more than 150 deals in the last 10 months, significantly increase our lead conversions, and, ultimately grow our revenue stream.”  

Some of the Nimble features the team loves include the ability to send templated and trackable emails, the merge tags functionality, and the “test yourself” email, which allows the team to catch errors before an email is sent.

According to Ryan, the team especially likes the ability to track open rates and interactions because it helps him identify opportune times to engage and improve prospecting efforts.

As the Bad Crypto Podcast has grown, so have their sponsorships. Thanks to Nimble, CCP Digital is able to easily manage and track each and every one.

Future Plans

In the future, CCP Digital is looking to implement a marketing automation solution to automate outbound marketing for Bad Crypto, as well as build a connection with PandaDoc to facilitate contract document workflows.  

In the meantime, they recommend that everyone #StayBad.