Building Influence: A Webinar with Matt Heinz

Building Influence: A Webinar with Matt Heinz

Getting a list of key influencers is your industry is the easy part. There are countless “most influential” lists out there, not to mention social media rankings and other tools (such as Little Bird) to give you ranked lists of people you want to influence (as a means of getting your information in front of their followers).

In last week’s webinar with Matt Heinz, CEO of Heinz Marketing, we talked about the 8 strategies you can use to build an influential network. Why should you care? Revenue, that’s why.   Read more ›

The Myth of the Customer Journey

The Myth of the Customer Journey

In this month’s guest expert webinar, I hosted Jeff Weinberger of DS3 Consulting and we talked about the mistaken beliefs most businesses have about today’s customer journey. Jeff shared his insights into the greatest opportunity — and biggest challenge — facing businesses today is how to strengthen all customer relationships and ensure that your customers remain your customers.   Read more ›

Tuesday Training Recap – LinkedIn API Change

Tuesday Training Recap – LinkedIn API Change
By June 25, 2014 Nimble Tips, Webinars

Yesterday’s blog post recapped the recent policy change by LinkedIn Corporation related to all CRM companies, except for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Later in the day, on our weekly Tuesday Training session, Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara walked Nimble users through the basics of a Social Selling workflow and explained what the LinkedIn API change really means.   Read more ›

Social Selling with Nimble

Social Selling with Nimble
By June 12, 2014 Nimble Tips, Webinars

If you missed our training session on Tuesday, take a walk with me here in the recorded session. I had a blast helping our guests learn to get the most from Nimble. Don’t forget that every Tuesday, we host an introductory training about the Nimble platform. Tools do you no good if you don’t know how to use them correctly.  Read more ›

Tips for Getting the Most from Nimble

Tips for Getting the Most from Nimble


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Nimble Social Selling Webinar with Barb Giamanco and Jon Ferrara

Nimble helped pioneer Social Selling and has made great strides as a company, especially over the last twelve months.  Their Social Selling Relationship Manager has become a key part of our daily engagement with customers, partners and prospects alike.

–Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing, a recognized thought leader in social content marketing.

Join Us for a Nimble Social Selling Webinar on Wednesday,  May 7 at 10 AM Pacific 



Nimble is a pioneer in social relationship management for individuals and teams to intelligently nurture relationships across email and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Nimble combines the power of traditional CRM, classic contact management, and social media into a powerful social selling solution.

During this interactive session, we’ll be talking about:

The latest with Social Selling

What’s NEW with Nimble including our Chrome Browser app


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Hosted by:

Nimble CEO – Jon Ferrara
Nimble Chief Customer Ambassador – Barb Giamanco

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