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Hashtag Search on Facebook – Nimble Tips

Hashtag Search on Facebook – Nimble Tips
By July 2, 2013 Nimble Tips

With the implementation of hashtag search on Facebook, this platform is becoming an incredibly useful marketing and lead prospecting tool.

Here’s some background on the hashtag, and tips for utilizing Nimble to harness this cresting trend: Read more ›

Best Contact Management: The Nimble Contact Page View (CPV)

Best Contact Management: The Nimble Contact Page View (CPV)
By June 26, 2013 Nimble Tips

Your Records Done Right

The average outside sales rep spends more of their time (23%) on Administrative activities than actual Selling (22%). And this number is growing — up 21% in the last decade. It’s no secret that much of that administrative work involves data entry, arguably the least effective use of any business developer’s or salesperson’s time.

Where you’ll get the best contact management out of Nimble is using the Contact Record to manage your communications, rather than waste time entering unimportant data. Let’s dive into how… Read more ›

4 Steps to a Nimble Daily Social Sales Routine

4 Steps to a Nimble Daily Social Sales Routine
By June 10, 2013 Nimble Tips

The New Social Salesperson

Today, buyers are more knowledgeable than ever.  Only 14% of them trust advertising, and they dive in to research the company and products before they even begin to talk with us.  However, 90% of those same customers who’ve done their research will trust an honest review or recommendation. In fact, about half of prospects are influenced by social media at each stage of the sales funnel. That’s an extraordinary change. This means there are true and tangible benefits to using Social Media to achieve a Social Business and Social Sales.

With Social Sales, the salesperson becomes a hybrid of Marketing, Sales, and Support professional. This is a person who can build your brand’s credibility and expertise within your community —  incrementally drawing people along the sales funnel and attracting new leads.  Indeed, research shows that you can expect twice as many leads if you are active on Twitter. Read more ›

Nimble Tip: Save a Social Search

Nimble Tip: Save a Social Search
By June 5, 2013 Nimble Tips

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly crawling the internet in search of prospects talking about certain topics. Keywords, keywords, keywords. It can be weary having to start your search from scratch each time you have the need. No more!

Now when you do a Social Search in Nimble – you can Save It and reference it time and time again. To save a Social Search simply type your search phrase in the query field on the Signals page and then select Save Search in the results header. Read more ›

Using Nimble and HootSuite Together Amplifies the Power of Social Selling

Using Nimble and HootSuite Together Amplifies the Power of Social Selling
By March 21, 2013 Nimble Tips

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of sales reps who incorporated social selling achieved their quota over the last calendar or fiscal year compared to 43% of the Industry Average. Right out of the gate let’s consider a few more things:

  • 5% of B2B purchasing is influenced by social.
  • 57% of buying decisions are made before the rep gets involved
  • 97% of the time cold calls do not work, down every year since 2010

No matter if you are focused on B2B or B2C audiences, a social communications strategy for your sales force is essential. That is not to say that giving your sales team access to social channels will immediately result in increased sales, but a carefully planned approach to day-to-day use of social media will help build toward a trusted advisor role and set you apart from the rest. Read more ›

Seth David: [video] How Nimble Helps Financial Professionals Manage Relationships

By March 18, 2013 Nimble Tips

Many financial professionals like myself are now using Nimble to manage our contacts and nurture customer/prospect relationships. Finding the right CRM seems to be a big challenge with companies. Everything in the business world is going the way of the cloud and CRMs are no exception. What are the basic parameters people look at when evaluating whether or not a CRM is the right one for them?

  • Price
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to collaborate


Read more ›