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Social Selling: The Nimble Way

If you missed our webinar on May 7th, you can check it out here. Learn about #socialselling and how to create smart contacts on the fly using Nimble’s new browser apps!

Social Selling: The Nimble Way from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.

Nimble Everywhere Launch – Nimble Chrome Extension and Widget 2.0

Nimble Everywhere Launch – Nimble Chrome Extension and Widget 2.0

“Nimble” as a verb

Nimble has a lot to tell (and show) today. Over the past few months, we’ve added significant new features with a focus on insights, around the motto, Nimble Everywhere! We’re now introducing the Nimble Contacts Widget for the Chrome browser, as well as a completely redesigned experience (think of it as v2.0) for the Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail.

Nimble Chrome Widget Right-Click

Right-Click on a highlighted name directly from Chrome.

Our goal is to have our customers say, “Just Nimble ’em” to learn more… And start down the path towards better business relationships.

Nimble any contact instantly

The ability to add a contact profile in Nimble is as easy as highlighting a name in the Chrome web browser, right-clicking ‘A Nimble search for…’, and letting Nimble build that contact profile automatically, in seconds. This process enables the Nimble user to add contacts easily.  This is enormously helpful as you come across people you may want to learn more about and engage with, as you encounter them across the web. The Nimble Contacts Widget also helps you take action by communicating with contacts, across networks, adding tasks, curating the contact to start connecting and schedule follow-ups directly within the widget itself. It also works for companies, where you can look up all your Nimble contacts at a given company, by highlighting the company name.

Nimble Chrome Widget

“Nimble” Any Contact Instantly From Your Browser

Save time, build contacts everywhere you go

Today, sales people spend almost 20% of their time researching accounts and prospects by Googling them, with much of this time wasted. Nimble immediately trims the amount of time spent profiling contacts with it’s Smart Summary view, now inside the Nimble Contacts Widget. Better still, each contact can be curated, connected with, and a nurture cycle can start right there… In short, the power of Nimble, now accessible everywhere.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across an article or mention of someone I’d want to approach and wish that I’d have a system in place that tells me who they are and tracks all my subsequent conversations with them,” said Julio Viskovich, Senior Digital Strategy Architect at Glacier Media. “Now, I have that accessible to me everywhere I’m at, from my browser to my Inbox.”

The Nimble Widget in action

For a quick spin on the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome, check out this brief demo video:

Nimble Widget for Chrome

Brief Demo Video of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Get it today!

Add the Nimble Widgets:

What customers are saying…

What will you say?

We’d love for you to try the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome and tell us your thoughts? If you like what you see, please help spread the word.

Whale Hunting with Nimble

Whale Hunting with Nimble
By March 5, 2014 Nimble Tips

Nimble has been making life easier for The Whale Hunters. But as I talk to other sales trainers and consultants as well as other business owners, I keep discovering that they are not using the best whale hunting feature: DEALS! Read more ›

[Nimble Tips] Enhancing Nimble’s Stay in Touch Reminder System: Follow-Ups Made Smart

[Nimble Tips] Enhancing Nimble’s Stay in Touch Reminder System: Follow-Ups Made Smart
By November 10, 2013 Nimble Tips

You know how a lot of things in life are the “right” thing to do, but are just damn hard to stay with? Getting to the gym regularly, eating right, and in the world of sales / bizdev / marketing, following-up are all noteworthy examples. In fact, research suggests only 1 in 50 deals are struck at a first meeting, yet many sales people give up after just one or two follow-ups.

While we’re not going to touch your workout or dining regimen, Nimble now fits ever more snugly into your daily workflow with a few thoughtful changes to our Stay in Touch reminder system– and intuitively helps you follow-up with the right people at the right time, your time. You might even say we’re helping build healthy habits. Read more ›

[Nimble Video Tip]: Jon Ferrara Adds a New Contact Record

By September 13, 2013 Nimble Tips

When you search for a person in Nimble, if they are not yet a contact Nimble offers you the option of creating a record for them. Then it does its magic and populates the record with all the details about your new contact, their social sites, your history of interactions with them, and any pending activities together. Less data entry, more productivity.

Nimble Tips – Connecting With Contacts Through Nimble from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.

Did You Know? In Nimble, You Can Schedule a Future Tweet, Post, or Update

Did You Know? In Nimble, You Can Schedule a Future Tweet, Post, or Update
By July 31, 2013 Nimble Tips

Did you know that you can use Nimble to schedule your tweets, LinkedIn updates, Facebook wall posts, and more? Here’s how: Read more ›