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Three Ways Listening to Influencers Helps You Sell

Three Ways Listening to Influencers Helps You Sell
By August 21, 2013 Social Selling

I like the way Michael Brenner describes “social selling”. He says (paraphrasing) it’s about sales people building a strong personal brand and helping social buyers become customers via content and exchanges.

To bring social into your selling process though, you need to create a few foundational elements. Much like a modern marketer will set up a process for creating content that educates their audience, a social selling expert will find ways to share useful content at meaningful moments with their potential buyers.

Your goal will be to establish and nurture a strong personal brand and sleuth out the right types of content to share. Building up your social selling foundation won’t happen overnight, but when the effects kick in (expect 3 to 6 months…), you’ll be in a strategic position that is very difficult to unseat. Read more ›

Writing a Killer Sales Playbook

By August 14, 2013 Social Selling

The Sales Playbook, Defined

A sales playbook is a collection of tactics or methods that characterizes the roles and responsibilities for you (and your sales team), lays out clear objectives, identifies metrics for measurement, and provides a common framework and approach for closing sales.

The playbook helps you implement a common sales methodology that leverages the processes used by high performers. The outcome? You can sell more effectively and handle different selling situations, position against a particular competitor, or communicate the value proposition to each person in the buying process. Read more ›

30 Stellar Techniques to Reach Prospects

30 Stellar Techniques to Reach Prospects
By August 13, 2013 Social Selling

How can you reach prospects, B2B decision makers, influencers, and strategic partners. Without any more introduction, here are some “discussion starters.” Read more ›

Embrace CRM and Watch Sales Soar!

Embrace CRM and Watch Sales Soar!
By August 7, 2013 Social Selling

“So… right now these customers haven’t heard from a sales representative for at least 2-5 years or more.  Is that right?”  I asked.

“That’s about it.” they responded.

My next question was “And how many customers are there in this group?”

“We’re not too sure, but across the three business units, around 40,000.”

For me this was an absolutely, fantastic opportunity.  For the business it was a huge missed opportunity in terms of share of wallet revenue. Read more ›

In Real Estate, It’s About the Relationships

In Real Estate, It’s About the Relationships
By July 29, 2013 Social Selling

More than 30 years after Gary Keller sold a plot of land to some customers in Texas, he wrote them a hand-written thank you note to say how much he appreciated their business — and how it had helped him achieve the success he has today.

For those of you not in real estate, you might know that I’m talking about Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty, the largest brokerage by number of agents in the country in 2013.  He wrote the note to his clients on the occasion of surpassing all other brokerages in the United States.

Here’s what’s so meaningful about Gary’s note. Read more ›

“Digital Postcards”: Multimedia Worktools for Non-Salespeople

“Digital Postcards”: Multimedia Worktools for Non-Salespeople
By July 25, 2013 Social Selling

As a business owner or solopreneur,  you may feel as if you’re not a sales professional. But “Sales” is not a dirty word! In fact Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell Is Human, reminds us all that business doesn’t exist without sales, whether you’re selling ideas to your team, to VC’s, or to hot prospects. Read more ›