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Social Media in Plain English [video]

By August 12, 2013 Social Media

“Social media is not tactical and it’s not about the platform — social media is about the new way we communicate and absorb information. It’s about finding other people of like interests, and communicating with them on a massive scale. Nimble is the CRM tool we use to make this happen.” – Rick Kranz Read more ›

60 Second Selling Tip Video: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

By August 2, 2013 Social Media

You’ll love Jamie — his advice is always straightforward, concrete, and knowledgeable.

Jamie Shanks is Managing Partner at Sales for Life and a leading Subject Matter Expert for Social Selling. Book a call with Jamie on TimeTrade or email him.

Medicine and Social Media: Worktools for a Relationship in Progress

Medicine and Social Media: Worktools for a Relationship in Progress
By July 31, 2013 Social Media

As social media usage continues to expand beyond the personal realm, it’s not surprising that doctors are exploring its potential for enhancing their communication with patients. The business world’s increasing reliance on social media has naturally led physicians to consider whether it offers any advantages in improving care or strengthening their financial base. The American College of Physicians (ACP), the second-largest physicians’ group in the U.S., has given thought to the potential risks and benefits attached to doctors’ use of social media, and they have recently released a position paper detailing their recommendations. Read more ›

Brands Have No Borders

Brands Have No Borders
By July 26, 2013 Social Media

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”… oh really! I would like to offer to the court (of social judgment):

  • Exhibit A – A sweet, but rambunctious young man by the name of Harry Mountbatten-Windsor who had the unfortunate incident of partying au naturel in a hotel in cherished Las Vegas.

  • Exhibit B – A rowdy pop icon by the name of Justin Beiber who did not pay his tab, and did not make good on his word with a skydiving business in Sin City.

The fact is, the hyper-digital, uber-connected world that we live in today has ensured that nothing stays where (or when) it happens. I make this point because it would appear to me that there are still brands today who just don’t seem as convinced about this as others. Read more ›

A Social Relationship Strategy: Five Golden Keys

A Social Relationship Strategy: Five Golden Keys
By July 22, 2013 Social Media

As you develop your brand’s social network relationship strategy, you’ll want to create a great customer experience. I keep these five “golden keys” in mind. Read more ›

Taking a Break from Social Media for Summer Vacation: 3 Steps To Do It Right

Taking a Break from Social Media for Summer Vacation: 3 Steps To Do It Right
By July 15, 2013 Social Media

Take a break from social media?  Is that even allowed?  For those of you out there begging for a “yes”, we’ve got one for you…with a few contingencies.

The good news is that you can take a break from social media.  Whether you are going on a vacation, overloaded with work or just feel like one more status update will send you over the edge, its OK; everybody needs a break from time to time.  With the right efforts put into practice you can take a social media break WITHOUT undoing all of the work that you’ve already done. Read more ›