10 Best Productivity Tools for Every Smart Business Blogger

Modern businesses are simply businesses that are able to survive in a modern marketplace where most consumers are in some form of debt.

Popular businesses are either long-standing companies that have been around for decades, or are in the entertainment industry.

Smart businesses are ones that are able to do more with less, and that is where productivity tools come into play. In this article, we cover the idea of business blogging because it is a universal tool that almost all businesses will find useful in one way or another.

Business Blogging For Your Business

The Australian Writings company was originally founded to help students with their homework, but their writing services expanded to business blogging several years ago to cope with the demand for business blog posts. Business or sponsored posts are more popular than ever, which means they must be drawing positive attention to businesses in a big way.

Here are a few great examples:


The small business blog is a self-funded blog that pays it writers with the money they make from advertising. You have to admire just how many articles this company has put online over the years.


This company is in the business of teaching people coding. Their blog and online posts have become so popular that they are now fully funded by donations from learners–they don’t even charge for lessons or posts anymore.


The company was originally founded to help people find finance, but it has now expanded to the point where the company makes more money from its blog than it does from matching users with finance deals. Their pieces on wealth building are especially popular.

None of these blogs would exist if their writers were unproductive, lazy, or if they were quitters. Each of the blogs has achieved with most others cannot, which is that they each earn money and make a profit. Here are ten tools you may use to help make you a more productive business blogger. They are not in any particularly order; each is as useful as you make it.

1 – DropBox


Price – Free, or $12 per year

Back up each post by completing it on your computer, saving it to your hard drive, and dropping the file onto the DropBox icon. Saving each post is as simple as that, and it saves you paying for extra backups via your shared hosting company.

2 – Toggl


Price – Free, or $5 per user

This tool is a time tracker that allows you to see how productive you are actually being. What is more important is that it allows you to record how long you are taking on each task so that you may budget the correct amount of time when you are making your blogging schedule and blogging plan.

3 – ZenWriter


Price – $19.95

Mac users have WriteRoom and Windows users have ZenWriter. It allows you to write on your PC or laptop without the distraction of notification, apps, or other things on the screen. It helps people who are easily distracted and/or who are irritable. The only downside is that you have to pay for it, but you need only pay for the app once and then it is yours.

4 – Trello


Price – Free, or $5 per user per month

Many business blogs, including the three featured on this article, have more than one writer and many work towards a common goal. Turn your common goals into a project and manage the project with Trello. The tool is very handy for project managers that are dealing with long-term projects such as the maintenance of a business blog.

5 – E.ggTimer.com


Price – Free

If you have never tried working to a timer, then you need to seriously consider it. You will be surprised how quickly you can work with the help of a timer as an incentive. It actually makes you a little uncomfortable, which is one of god’s most powerful productivity incentives (with the exception of hunger, which is often more of an incentive). Consider giving this tool a try and working to a timer. E.ggTimer is free, and if you want to download and use timers, then try the downloadable versions of the famous online-stopwatch clocks.

6 – Teux Deux


Price – $3 per month

It is a to-do list app that beats out “Remember The Milk,” by a very wide margin. It puts your tasks in a format that resembles a calendar. Instead of having long to-do lists or lists hidden behind day/time tabs, it puts them all in one place. Oddly enough, if you enjoy RPG games, you may like the way that this app is laid out. Take a look at a few screenshots before you decide to invest in a subscription to this app.

7 – Paper Rater


Price – Free

If you are a fan of the Hemmingway App, then you are being conned because it simplifies text to the point where it is only suitable for children. PaperRater allows you to set the reading comprehension level of your reader all the way up to advanced PHD. The online tool is free, and it is highly advanced. It beats any and all other spelling and grammar checkers and rating systems.

8 – Pocket


Price – Free, or $4.99 per month

Some writers will get nothing out of this tool because they write plans for each article. If you do not write a plan, and you simply skim from one resource to another while picking up what you need, then the Pocket book marking tool will allow you to do your research in advance and store it in a way that allows you to call up each resource on command and in order.

9 – Pablo


Price – Must sign up with buffer, or you must pay

Broadband Internet connections are so effective that all blogs may now contain images without it damaging the search engine friendliness of the web page. In fact, you need images to become more search engine friendly. Create eye-catching images quickly and efficiently with the Pablo tool. Try it for a month to see if you can speed up the rate at which you produce blog-ready images. If you are still finding it slow going, then try another online tool.

10 – Convert Case


Price – Free

If you have been a writer for a few years, then you will know how much time those smaller tasks take up. It may just be a few seconds here and there, but over the years, it adds up. Convert Case allows you to manipulate the case of your text, which makes it ideal for headings, publicity work, formatting, styling and even academic essay work.

Conclusion – Don’t Go Nuts By Trying Them All At Once

Blogging is a big part of society. Why read a book by a business professional when you can read their blog? In addition, business bloggers have an incentive to write blogs because they can become self-sustaining and even profit know.

If you like the tools listed above, but you fancy a few more, then there is an article called 9 universal writing tools for any modern profession, but try out the ones on this article before you experiment with others. As a final tip, remember that shaving just a second or two from each process per day will make you more productive. The more you think about increasing your blogging efficiency, the more time you will have spare to concentrate on your blog’s quality and usability.