Nimble Voted Market-Leading Email Tracking Software, According to O365 & G Suite Users on G2 Crowd

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On top of being crowned a market-leading CRM and #1 Small Business Sales Intelligence Tool for six consecutive years, Nimble has been rated a market-leading email tracking software by O365 and G Suite users on G2 Crowd.

The ranking is based on receiving a high Customer Satisfaction score (4.4 out of 5 stars) and having a large Market Presence in the category. Nimble’s email tracking is available out-of-the-box and at no extra charge to small business teams and professionals.

Everything You Need in a Simple, Smart Sales Force Automation System

“The G2 Crowd ratings validate the power, simplicity, and value that our Sales Force Automation features deliver to Nimble users,” said Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara. “We are deeply grateful to our many customers who continue to share their experiences using Nimble to personalize outreach at scale to their top prospects; monitor email and social engagement signals to prioritize follow-ups; and assign tasks and automate reminders that help users close more deals by cultivating trusted relationships.”

Why Nimble is a Fan-Favorite

Nimble’s Sales Force Automation features optimize internal processes, enabling Office 365 and G Suite users to focus on connecting with more prospects and cultivating authentic relationships with more prospective buyers in order to sell more. Among them:

Nimble’s Group Messaging empowers Office 365 and G Suite users to send templated, trackable group emails to targeted contacts complete with analytics and reporting. These contacts can be segmented based on tagged groups built using Nimble-driven social business insights. Each outreach appears as a sincere one-to-one conversation rather than a mass email blast, increasing the probability of opens and clicks.

Send Individual Trackable Emails Anywhere on the Web and Mobile: Send tracked emails with preset attachments wherever you’re engaging – inside Nimble’s web app, browser extension, Gmail, or on iOS — helping you build better relationships with prospects and customers within all your workflows.

Detailed Message Analytics: Know exactly when engagements happen with reporting and analytics on email open rates, link clicks, and attachment activity.

Actionable Notification Signals: Get notification signals on your desktop or mobile for opened emails, clicks on links and attachments, and email open rates to help you engage who your hottest prospects.

Personalized Message Templates: Personalize your message with custom templates: Featuring fonts, formatting, and merge tags (First Name, Last Name, Company, Title) and preset attachments.

What Customers Love About Nimble’s Group and Individual Email Tracking

“Email tracking is nothing new. However, it helps me identify the best opportunities to engage influencers, contributors, clients, and prospects when used as part of Nimble’s SFA feature set,” said Jeff Bullas, CEO of “With Nimble, I can grow my global network and my business, without the high cost or complexity of an enterprise solution.”   


“By using Nimble’s email tracking and Google Drive or OneDrive to share proposals versus attachments, I know every time someone opens my proposal or revisits it,”  explained Shane Gibson, co-founder of Professional Sales Academy. He segments prospects into three categories, and then uses Nimble’s Stay-in-Touch feature to drive ongoing touches with critical contacts: “Regularly touching A-list contacts by sharing an article, inviting them to a webinar, sending a lead their way, asking them a question, or commenting on their latest LinkedIn update is a powerful strategy for nurturing relationships to drive more sales.”

“Nimble represents a low cost of entry, high-value communications platform for managing all of the key relationships you might have — from prospects to customers to industry influencers,” said Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing. “While my team relies on the many pipeline management features for prospect and influencer engagement, Nimble’s robust auto-generated profiles have been particularly effective for me by providing the insight I need to engage with my distinct audiences in the most meaningful way.”

“Nimble helps me stay on top of the most important relationships driving our business,” said Eamon Moore, CEO and co-founder of Hikari Data. “I immediately know which actions I need to take based on email, social, and pipeline signals; calendar appointments; follow-up tasks; and project milestones. The ability to access Nimble’s incredibly rich, auto-generated profiles within the deals pipeline, sales funnel, activities lists, and calendar helps me connect authentically with each individual customer and prospect; thereby driving our sales, service, and customer satisfaction.”

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