5 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning to Use Nimble

So, you’re new to Nimble and want to avoid any roadblocks that could impact a successful implementation of your new CRM. You’ve come to the right place for some insider tips and tricks!

Here are a few rookie mistakes that our Nimble Customer Success team (including myself!) want to help Nimble beginners avoid.

Let’s get started!

Importing Your Entire Contact List

More often than not, beginning users will import all of their contacts from Gmail, Twitter, and the like. When we say all contacts, we mean all contacts. This includes outdated, irrelevant, and personal contacts. You’ll then enter your Contacts tab and realize you need to clean up the list. This can be quite a process, and incredibly time-consuming to go through and select the data that may not be important to you or your company.

Save yourself a headache by creating a list of contacts within an Excel file in order to build an organized list of important connections. Save the list as a CSV file and simply import to your Nimble account using the CSV Import Wizard. This process could save you a lot of time, and help to create a great Nimble start!

You can also create lists within Twitter and import them into your Nimble account or create lists within Google contacts and import them using our PieSync integration.


Specifying The Wrong Account Administrator

When a Nimble team account is created, the team member who initiated the account will become the administrator by default. We recommend selecting an appropriate administrator to set up your Nimble account before simply jumping right into it. Keep in mind that the administrator will be the designated bill receiver, license creator, user selector, and designated gatekeeper of who receives permission for specific features.

You can learn more about administrator responsibilities here.

If you or another teammate have accidentally been assigned as the account administrator, you can switch roles within your settings.

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Failing to Tag Contacts Upon Import

After importing new contacts, they can easily blend in with the rest. We recommend tagging your contacts as soon as they’re imported in order to classify where these contacts are coming from, who they work for, and why they are being added into your CRM.

When adding contacts to your team account, each team member can tag contacts with their name in order to locate individuals that are relevant to them.


Learn more about tagging your contacts here.

Creating Duplicate Contacts Within Your Nimble Account

Contacts are often times listed within more than one social platform or email account. Importing various lists from all of your accounts will inevitably create duplicates in your contact list. Nimble automatically merges your contacts based on their email address; there are also specific options you can select on the third step of importation to avoid redundant contact and company records.

When importing your file, you can select the “merge contacts based on email first, then by name if there is no email match” option under the “People’” category, and then “Merge on Name if no match by Domain URL or Email” under the “Companies” option to avoid repetitive contacts.

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Please note that when importing lists from Twitter, Nimble merges based on user handle alone! When importing contacts from the mobile app, Nimble merges on phone number first before using name and email as identifiers.

Using the Wrong Email Address

All promotions, marketing, product updates, and exciting webinar news will be sent to the email address that your Nimble account is registered under.

Using an accurate email address comes in handy when you are interested in exporting your contacts or your deals from your Nimble account; Nimble will automatically send these requested exports to the registered email address.

When selecting an email address to use for your Nimble account registration, be conscious that all the data exports and important Nimble-related outreach will be received in that location.

If at any time you need to reach out to us to discuss account or billing specifications, please note that you will need to write to us from your registered account email for security purposes. You can change your registered email address in your settings at any time.

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