Beat The Back To Work Blues With These Simple Tips!

With the holidays now at its end, the idea of rejoining the day to day work routine could seem a little daunting. Vacations sometimes spoil us – allowing us the power to turn off our alarm clocks, stuff our bellies full of holiday foods and focus primarily on hobbies we never get our hands on throughout the year. Even those of us who love what we do can find it difficult to get back into a productive mindset after all the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas specials and New Year festivities.

Getting back into the work groove doesn’t have to be a dire time. Here are some helpful tips for trading in your comfy couch for a desk chair and beating the back to work blues.

Prepare The Night Before

Preparing the night before will allow you to envision the days, weeks and months ahead. Get started by creating a list of priorities. This list should include your most important tasks for the following day such as checking your emails/voicemail, projects you have lined up and other tasks that have been piling up.

Remember you are no longer in vacation mode and therefore, it’s important to reset your alarm and get plenty of sleep. This way you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Be Creative With Holiday Leftovers

Resist the urge to pack a plate of holiday leftovers for lunch. This could seem difficult especially with all the leftovers that naturally come with making big holiday dinners. However, having a holiday plate on the job can lead to a feeling of drowsiness throughout the day. It could also bring about a feeling of nostalgia and easily trigger daydreams of what once was.

Instead, pack a light lunch such as a chicken salad, or carrot soup. Or make use of leftover turkey and ham by making salads or sandwiches. Basically, go with the healthier options to stay motivated and energized throughout the day.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

When returning to daily labor, it’s vital not to place too much stress on yourself. Yes, you will see a clear increase in your workload as the emails, papers, and projects will have stacked up. However, it’s important to beat the urge to rush through everything in an attempt to play catch-up. Take your time settling back into your workflow and avoid placing too much stress on yourself by focusing on one task at a time.

Start your day by following the list of priorities you created for yourself. Check your calendar for any upcoming projects and meetings. Remember to take breaks and allow yourself social interactions. This could be as simple as re-acquainting yourself with your team members by asking about their holiday vacation.

A Healthy Body Is A Healthy Mind

One of the most liberating things you can do for yourself after a long vacation is to get back to your fitness routine and continue with your usual diet. Vacation usually means less time at the gym. Getting back into daily grind could lead to a deflated sense of self both physically and mentally.  This is why exercising is a way to not only burn off the Christmas stuffing but also energize yourself, clear your head and get zen before or after the day. Whether you go to the gym or take a jog around the block, it’s important to resume this habit as soon as possible.

Don’t Be A Stranger

For many of us, holiday vacation usually means visiting family both near and far. However, just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean that you should become estranged with your loved ones. Make a vow to keep in touch and follow through on this. Plan at least once a week to meet up or have a phone/Skype conversation with them.

Interact with them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc where you can share pictures and send messages. You could also use our “Stay In Touch” feature to remember to follow up throughout the year. Doing this will allow you to bring some of your vacation with you and give you something to look forward to next holiday vacation.

Let Plans For The Year Motivate You

With the new year upon us, all of your brainpower and energy should be aimed towards moving away from vacation mode and bettering yourself. The new year usually brings about a feeling of accomplishment as well as excitement and readiness for forthcoming opportunities. Set purposeful goals for yourself, either at work, your personal life or both. Setting goals for yourself will help you break from the simple patterned work life and will challenge you to become more forward thinking.

Repositioning yourself back into your work schedule can be enjoyable if you remember to take it slowly, prepare for the weeks and go forward with a positive mindset. Here’s to a new year! 🙂