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Social Media in Business: Wake Up, Millennials!

Social Media in Business: Wake Up, Millennials!
By April 10, 2013 Social Media

Social media and modern technology are supposedly second nature to the Millennial Generation. So why is it that young adults appear to know little about social media for business? While simple social media norms and guidelines seem blatantly obvious to B2B and B2C marketers, my insight as a business student and socially-tuned-in Millennial intern at Nimble tells me that college students don’t know the basic fundamentals of social media marketing.

You can (and should) use Twitter as a business tool.

Facebook is for friends, LinkedIn is for work, and Twitter is for my friend circle to follow the little thoughts running through my head at any given time. For your typical college student, this formula applies. However, young adults don’t know the power and breadth of Twitter. Not only does Twitter serve as a great marketing and publicity tool for a company (and for personal branding), but Twitter enables users to expand their network far beyond what LinkedIn can offer. For example, before starting my internship at Nimble, I used Twitter solely to follow my friends and sports analysts. Today, I use my Twitter account to follow and interact with leaders and influencers in the industry, many of whom now follow me back. While these connections might not be as personal as those of my LinkedIn account, they are credible resources I wouldn’t have found in any other place. Read more ›