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Nimble Gets a New Look and Feel!

Nimble Gets a New Look and Feel!
By August 19, 2014 Social Selling

We just released a series of small changes to our Nimble User Interface (UI) today to improve our customers experience and effectiveness with our product. This release is a collection of UI changes our team has made to enable Nimble Users to be better, faster and smarter with our platform. We have learned a lot about what makes of best customers most effective and these changes are just a few in the many that we have and will continue to roll out to delight and empower you, the Nimble way.

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Introducing Nimble Two-Way Google Contacts Sync

Introducing Nimble Two-Way Google Contacts Sync

We’re excited to announce a new Nimble integration that brings Google Contacts Two-Way syncing to Nimble through a third-party integration with PieSync.

The Important Stuff

For Solo Users, this service is completely free of charge.

For Team Users, it is $5.00 per user, per month.

If you are interested, PieSync offers a no commitment 14-day trial to let you take a closer look.   Read more ›

Humbled and Proud: Nimble Wins 2013 CRM Watchlist

Humbled and Proud: Nimble Wins 2013 CRM Watchlist
By January 28, 2013 Product Updates

I’m very proud today to announce that Nimble has been named one of the winners of Paul Greenberg’s annual CRM Watchlist.

Paul Greenberg is the godfather of Customer Relationship Management and one of the foremost thought leaders in social CRM, as well. He followed his bliss to a role that merges his reporting skills and business acumen — and now stands as an author, teacher, and customer strategist sui generis.

There is literally no person I know who doesn’t know Paul’s work, and no person I know who doesn’t speak highly of him. He lives what he teaches. He says what he means. He also has a heart of gold (as feral cats in need near his home will attest).

The CRM Watchlist is an impact award that Paul has given out annually for the past five years to companies with a CRM or social customer-centric focus — companies he thinks will have the most impact over the year. It’s a rigorous and lengthy process to apply, an exercise in self-examination that mandates team immersion and ends up influencing the product roadmap far beyond the judging date.

This year, for the third year in a row, Nimble made the list of winners, a diverse group of market leaders (, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle), marketing platforms (Marketo and HubSpot), and social communities (Jive and Lithium). This year there were 153 entrants — that’s an unimaginable amount of research and analysis to contemplate. Read more ›

Social media lessons you can learn from sustainable gardening

Social media lessons you can learn from sustainable gardening
By April 4, 2012 Nimble Tips

A friend of mine manages the training department of a Midwestern insurance agency. Recently, he made a rather unusual request of his staff. He asked them to turn away from their computers and look out the window for at least ten minutes a day and think about anything but their work.

He’s a wise boss. We can get so bogged down in what we do during our working hours that we start spinning our mental wheels, spending more time on tasks than we’d need to – and not doing them as well as we might – because our brains are simply overtaxed and over-focused.

I’m guilty of that sometimes. My wife Arlene, who is a landscape designer here in southern California, knows this. So sometimes she drags me away from my office to see her more natural, more colorful world.

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Lessons learned from surviving the Scoble Effect

By October 4, 2011 Social Selling

Is your company and product ready for waves of users?

Last month I sat down with Robert Scoble for a quick interview about Nimble. This 20 minute interview generated a huge rush in new registrations– I’m so grateful our servers and team survived the Scoble Effect.

Today I want to share some things we learned to help other companies prepare for fast growth. Let’s start with a few stats to help frame how big of a surge Nimble took on:

On the day Scoble posted the video, we received a 157% increase in traffic to the Nimble site, 87% of which was made up of first-time visitors, and our number of registrations increased by 155%! Talk about hitting the motherload!

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People won’t remember what you did or said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

People won’t remember what you did or said, but they will remember how you made them feel.
By November 6, 2010 Social Selling

zappos logo

LEADING THOUGHTS I had a customer experience last night that almost brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to personally share it with you. My son had a English class assignment to write a feedback letter to a company. He choose to write Zappos since he loved the company. He loves Zappos because he can easily find shoes he likes, order them and get them quickly without any hassle if he needs to send them back.

So he wrote a letter of gratitude expressing his appreciation for the years of excellent service they provided him.

Zappos then blew me away by sending my son Ian a book called “Zappos Culture Book”. They went a step further by having the entire management team personally sign the book, each writing a short personal message to my son Ian. When he showed me the book I was stunned. I could not put it down. I have rarely had an experience like this in all my years of business.

On one of the first pages was the following quote by the CEO/Founder Tony Hsieh;

“People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

I will always remember how this experience made me feel.

I am a Zappos customer for Life!