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The New Nimble Contact API is Ready for Integration

The New Nimble Contact API is Ready for Integration
By November 13, 2012 Product Updates

One of the most requested enhancements we hear from our users and partners is to enable API integrations to extend Nimble to meet their specific business needs. That’s now possible with the Contact API, which allows you to connect Nimble to any sales, marketing or other business tool.

The Contact API has been in private beta for several weeks, and we’re now opening beta access to the public. You can sign up for API access at our developer portal and read through the documentation to get started.

For us, the API represents a major milestone in achieving our mission of helping small teams nurture stronger relationships to drive more business opportunities. Our API puts Nimble at the center of any customer engagement workflow by tying together complementary tools in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service, and accounting.

The Contact API is the first in a family of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will empower developers to create innovative customer engagement applications. We envision making Nimble the single source of customer engagement intelligence to power all of your engagement activities and decisions. We’re excited to see how you will create fully integrated workflows with other best-of-breed tools that complement Nimble.

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