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Work Like a Time Lord: 6 Strategies Toward Productivity

Work Like a Time Lord: 6 Strategies Toward Productivity
By July 17, 2013 Strategies 101

Starting a new business venture sure does give you a buzz doesn’t it? The excitement and the thrill that comes with each budding success is enough to keep us entrepreneurs up till all hours, devoting every waking moment to nurturing our developing enterprise.

And not only that, but there’s so much to do! Product creation, customer service, SEO, promotion, marketing, sales, logistics, quality control, content creation, output, keeping up with social media, keeping the employees happy… the list is endless – in fact, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Before you know it you’re maybe you’re in fire-fighting mode all the time – working on everything at the last minute and never getting time to do the important strategic stuff that moves your business forward. Everything suffers – including your personal life – and things take a dark turn.

…It’s at about this time you wish you could make like Doctor Who, hop in your TARDIS (that stands for Time and Relative Dimension iSpace just in case you didn’t know) and skip backwards in time to get everything done – or alternatively just blast through a wormhole into a different dimension where the alien inhabitants couldn’t give a slimy tentacle about your entrepreneurial challenges. Read more ›