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Groups: How to Join, How to Act, How to Leave

Groups: How to Join, How to Act, How to Leave
By October 9, 2013 Social Selling

If you’re a solopreneur, there’s a good chance your opportunities are not maximized and your time not optimally invested. Believe it or not, some solo professionals eschew active marketing activities, opting instead for the “Field of Dreams” marketing plan. You know, build it and they will come.

The stark reality for most professionals, however, is the constant nagging thought of what else can I be doing to further promote myself, my expertise, and my business?

Individual professionals often bear the full burden of doing this and marketing their particular skills, services, and products. Whether you’re a tattoo artist, a musician, a real estate professional, or a wedding planner, you know how time consuming self-promoting can be. Social networking for the dedicated solopreneur is a good place to promote products or services, but it is still time consuming. Read more ›