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Listening, Not “Hearing” — Cultivating a Lost Skill

Listening, Not “Hearing” — Cultivating a Lost Skill
By October 11, 2013 Social Selling

Build Trust Through Listening

Did you know that “silent” is an anagram of “listen”?

The anagram was only made obvious to me recently when I was speaking with a musician who told me that measures of silence in music are not waiting periods, they are times of active listening, much like a good conversation. Silence accentuates listening.

We all know that listening is a key part of building trust in a relationship but how good are we at it really? It seems to me that most of us are pretty good at knowing listening is a good thing – as long as it’s other people listening to us! I sat next to a machine tool salesman on a flight back from Geneva. He talked at me about his job and machine tools from take off until UK passport control. Early in this rather one-sided conversation he told me that listening was the most important selling skill! Read more ›