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5 Techniques for “Reading” People in Virtual Meetings

5 Techniques for “Reading” People in Virtual Meetings
By September 19, 2013 Social Selling

A Virtual, Global Culture

It is rare that I meet my clients face to face. The majority of our relationships are started virtually — either through social media, email, or the phone. This doesn’t seem odd to me, in fact it’s very natural. Recently I attended a convention with a client who was exhibiting, and when we met at the airport, it was the first time we had met face to face. It wasn’t until we had shared this with another at the conference and as they introduced us to other people they commented, “Can you believe that this is the first time they have actually met?” It was then that I realized that for some, this is still a new idea.

It also made me realize that it was because we had a solid virtual relationship that the in-person relationship was easy and comfortable.

The fact is that our economy isn’t just a local, or even national one anymore. As our world becomes smaller and our reach more global, the virtual business relationship is becoming more commonplace. Read more ›