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Hello World! from @iloveGarick

Hello World! from @iloveGarick
By April 26, 2011 Customer Focus

@iloveGarickOUR STORY The following is a post by Garick Chan, our new community manager here at Nimble.

Hello World,

Quickly, I just wanted to introduce myself as the new Community Manager of Nimble. Hi, I’m Garick!

To give you some background, I started my journey into the digital world back in 1994 through dialing into bbs message-boards with Prodigy and a 2400bps modem. Back then, we did not have all the social sharing avenues that are available today, but there was still that sense of longing to connect with others across the Web.  It was wonderful to dial-in and be connected to the world! I could make friends in Germany, Turkey, Japan, or anywhere else that was awake while all my neighbors were sleeping. Things began evolving to real-time chat rooms on AOL with REAL pictures & images instead of text-based ASCII art. Then Youtube came along and we started seeing and sharing video content as well

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