The Art and Cartoons of Kenny Madden

Friday I got a fantastic gift — I  happened on the work of Kenny Madden — a talented, clever, and humorous man who draws cartoons and creates terrific multimedia paintings and other artistic creations. I saw his Twitter page, and fell in love with the exuberant colors and joy of his work. (I have dibs on that Twitter background painting if he ever sells it! It’s titled Go Where Your Buyers Are)

I wrote a fan-tweet to him, and then he gave me permission to publish his cartoons and business-themed art on our blog!

Kenny is still something of a mystery to me. This is the main thing I know so far:

He’s Director of Business Development at Spiceworks. Spiceworks is an IT management and help desk ticketing solution. In addition to network management you get access to over 2 million IT pros, in a community where you can share experiences and get answers to your user issues.  IT pros find the advice, products and services they need – in a truly social way! Vendors and buyers learn from each other, and have made Spiceworks the fastest growing and most widely used network management app in history.

I also know that Kenny:

  • was born in 1973
  • likes reading and drawing stuff about business
  • enjoys the occasional beer
  • has a favorite gadget — a pad of paper and a pen
  • is originally from the UK
  • likes his bacon and his football English style
  • craves a proper Sunday roast dinner (complete with Yorkshire pudding?) which I will make for him if he’s every up in my neck of the woods:::

So, without further ado, here is the first cartoon. I call it Eleven Millennials Make an Org Chart:

The collage up at the top of the page is untitled.