Access Detailed Dossiers from Your Mobile Device (#TheNimbleWay)

Nimble Mobile CRM

Welcome to “The Nimble Way”, a Web video series that explores all the ways you can use Nimble to build relationships better, faster, and stronger. I’m going to kick off our first episode with an in-depth look at Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0  the personal, on-the-go assistant we launched just last week that helps you connect, engage, nurture and close customers from your mobile device.

We designed Nimble Mobile to be an easy-to-use, personal or team CRM that’s easily accessible, everywhere you work.   

Access vital sales intelligence, including engagement history and social insights, directly in your mobile email or calendar.  

In this video, I’ll show you how you can access vital relationship intelligence, including your email history and Twitter history, notes, and social profile insights about the people you’re meeting.  So there’s no need to search high and low in a frenzied scramble to come up to speed on the people you’re meeting.

Nimble mobile integrates with your phone’s calendar and email to show detailed social profile insights about the people you’re meeting with. You can access Nimble insights natively in the Nimble Mobile app or by using the iOS Share Menu to run queries through Nimble.

The iOS Share Menu is also accessible in LinkedIn, Safari, Chrome and other apps, so there’s no need to switch between applications.  You’ve probably used this menu in the past to forward links to an email or text, or to post interesting articles on your social networks.

I’ve summarized a few key insights below:

Example 1 – From your calendar, pull up Nimble to learn more about the people you’re meeting.


Example 2 – Now let’s assume your prospective customer invites someone new to join the meeting, and you want to learn more about him.


As you can see, opening up the iOS Share Menu from my Calendar allows me to use Nimble to build a Live Profile of Chuck Royer on the fly. From here, I can learn more about Chuck from the information Nimble discovers from his online social media presence. I can see his work history, location, job title, company name, company URL, Klout scores, areas of influence, and the ability to click through their profiles to discover common areas of interest.

Example 3 – Using Nimble and the iOS Share Menu to Build Live Profiles from Email

Let’s say you receive an email from an acquaintance, and you want to learn more about him before you respond. In this example, I select Craig Jamieson from the email thread and load the iOS Share Menu to access Nimble’s Live Profile feature.


You can see that combining the iOS Share Menu + Nimble with my Calendar or Mail app lets me see the full work history, social profiles, company details, and relationship history with the person I’m meeting or emailing. Nimble prepares all the details I need to know to communicate effectively, helping me succeed in building my relationships.

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Nimble Mobile Availability and Pricing

Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 is available to for all Nimble accounts at no additional cost. Subscribers to the Nimble Contact plan can upgrade to Nimble Business to access deal pipelines.

If you already have a Nimble account, download Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 from iTunes or Google Play today!
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