Your Opinion Counts in Annual Aberdeen Group Survey!

Weigh in now and make a difference by participating in this year’s Aberdeen Group’s survey about marketing/sales alignment! This is a great opportunity to benefit from this respected research firm’s findings. When Aberdeen reports on results, we will share them with you. Here’s why this survey is so important for you and your business:

Once upon a time, marketers marketed and salespeople sold. But now a multi-channel, multi-touch buyer’s journey means that the two disciplines are united by a common mission and intertwined performance metrics.

Marketing and Sales need to collaborate — but have they adapted? We can see from recent research that early adopters of this approach succeed more often, and take creative approaches we can all learn from.

Take this year’s survey!

Aberdeen Group’s focus this year will be on how companies re-invest in their people, processes, and technologies to maximize the value of marketing/sales alignment.  Companies are taking new and creative initiatives – while maintaining the integrity of the corporate brand.

We’re proud to have our community participate in Aberdeen’s research and reporting on this important shift in marketing and sales. To answer a few questions on this topic of serious interest to SMBs and enterprises alike, take the survey now.

Aberdeen Group is the leading provider of fact-based research — helping organizations and individuals make better business decisions. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen has earned the reputation as the “voice that matters” when it comes to understanding the implications and results of process innovation, methodology advancements, technology deployments, and business re-engineering.

Alyson Button Stone is Director of Content at Nimble, and a frequent contributor to the blog.