A Quick Guide To Getting Started In @Nimble

A Quick Guide To Getting Started In @Nimble

Before I became a member of the Nimble team a few years ago, I knew very little about social CRMs. I mean, I simply knew the basics, that being CRM stands for customer relationship management and gathering all of your contacts in one platform.

When I was asked to interview to become a Care Ninja at Nimble, I immediately signed up for a free 14-day trial and started navigating through the platform. Needless to say, it was a bit intimidating. There were so many features! I never thought I’d learn them all.

A few weeks later, I was navigating through the platform like a… well… ninja. Connecting my social accounts, syncing multiple emails, importing contacts, setting up my Google Calendar – I was working Nimble like a pro!

From the moment I was able to use the platform effectively, I knew I wanted to help others understand it just as well as I do! I wanted them to avoid the feeling of anxiety that comes along with learning something new. Therefore, I decided to write this quick guide to getting started in Nimble! Let us begin :)

Whether you’re a small or large company, Nimble can be used to easily manage your contacts, social interactions, engagement opportunities, and much more to help you exceed marketing and sales goals.

Nimble has 7 main tabs – Today, Contacts, Signals, Messages, Activities, Deals and Reports.

In this blog, we will cover setting up your account to populate these tabs with valuable information. To learn more about each of our tabs, click here.

Assuming you’ve created your Nimble account (if not, sign up for a free trial here) you’re now on the Today page. This is the page where you start your day!

Connecting Your Email Accounts

Nimble allows you to connect multiple Gmail and IMAP accounts. Connecting your email accounts will create an automatic two-way sync – any emails you see in your inbox will appear in Nimble and vice versa.

Let’s go to Networks & Imports under Settings …

When you connect your Gmail account to Nimble, you’ll notice a few options appear which are the following:

•   Import Contacts – Gives you the ability to import all of your Gmail contacts

•   Padlock icon – Gives you the ability to share your emails with your team members

•   Make account default – Gives you the ability to choose the default email to send from


When importing your contacts, it’s important to remember to add a Tag upon import. Tags are a great way for you to keep your contacts organized. For teams, they are great for keeping contacts separated or categorized and easy to locate within the Contacts tab.

For more information about this feature, please take a look at the following: Tags Overview

To connect your IMAP account to Nimble, you will first need to obtain your IMAP credentials from your email provider.

Once your IMAP account is connected, you’ll see the padlock icon (giving you the ability to share emails with your team) and the “Make account default” option.

If you are using Outlook, you can export your contacts to a CSV file and import into Nimble by using the Outlook importer.

Connecting Social Accounts

Connecting your social accounts to Nimble is easy and gives you the ability to sync your messages, social notifications and import contacts.


Once you’ve connected your Twitter account, you’ll see the option to “Import Contacts.” When you select this you can choose to import all contacts, or just friends, followers, following or a list you may have created in Twitter. Learn more here: Twitter List

Be sure to add your Tags upon import!

Connect your Instagram to view your contact’s latest post on their Nimble contact record.

Setting this up is easy.  Simply go to your Settings >> Networks & Imports and connect your Instagram account.  From here, you can start adding Instagram profile names by going to your contact records, clicking “Edit” then “Add Instagram.”

The profile will appear in the Social tab of the contact record.

You can also connect your Facebook, AngelList, Google+ and Foursquare to start mapping social profiles for your contact records.

Connecting Your Google Calendar

Nimble comes with its own calendar which is located in your Activities tab. We also offer the ability to connect your Google Calendars to Nimble! Connecting your Google Calendar will create a bidirectional sync – any events you create in Nimble will sync to your Google Calendar and vice versa!

Next to Google Calendar in your Settings >> Networks & Imports, you’ll see the option to “Connect”. Click this and an authorization window will appear. You’ll then be able to select the specific calendars you’d like to sync.

You may edit your calendars at any time by clicking “Edit Sync Settings.”

Once you choose your calendars, you’ll see the events in your Activities tab.

Migrating To Nimble

Your first step to migrating your contacts from another CRM to Nimble would be to first export your contacts to a CSV file.

You will then need to format the file to Nimble guidelines to import into your account. We offer a great support article on how to format your file which can be found here:

Nimble CSV Import Template

In this article, you’ll be able to download our CSV template in which you can then copy and paste the information from your current CSV file.

When you are ready to import, use the Generic importer in your Settings >> Networks & Imports.

Make sure to add tags to your contacts upon import!

When you need to update your current Nimble contacts via CSV import, select the “Override existing fields with data in the CSV” option on the Generic CSV importer. All fields will be updated.

If you experience any difficulties while setting up your file, email us at care@nimble.com and we’ll be glad to help! 😉

Using the Nimble Smart App

The Nimble Smart App is a fantastic widget for gathering insight on potential and current leads anywhere you are on the web. This way you can take Nimble with you as your surf your different social channels.

Once downloaded to your Chrome, Safari and/or Firefox browser, it will appear in the top right-hand corner of your browser and within a Gmail thread.

Hove over or highlight a contact’s name to start building their “Live Profile”. If a contact exists in your Nimble database, their information will automatically populate!

Continue working with the contact from within the widget by editing their contact record, adding tasks, events, notes, deals and logging touch. You may also email the contact from within the app and mark them as important.


I hope this quick guide prepares you for a successful start in building your Nimble account.

Be sure to further your Nimble knowledge by attending one or many of our live Q&A sessions! These are held Monday – Friday from 9AM – 9:30AM PST. Sign up here: http://www.nimble.com/company/webinars/

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