A Nimble Thanksgiving

The days are getting shorter, the weather is turning colder (even at Nimble HQ in Southern California), and Jack-o-Lanterns are being replaced with turkeys and cornucopias. It is officially the start of the holiday season! Although we try to be mindful that each day is a gift all throughout the year, this time of year often comes with a quieter environment at the office, enabling us to spend more time at home with family and to truly reflect on what we are thankful for this year.

Similarly to our post from around this time in 2016, where we shared thoughts of gratitude from our community, our Nimble team took time together to share some of the things that we are thankful for in 2017.


Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble“I am grateful for every moment of every day I am gifted to be on this planet to pursue my dreams and life works. I believe that we are on this planet to grow our souls by helping others grow theirs. That’s why we build Nimble so we can power other people’s passion, plan and purpose in life. I am also grateful to the Nimble team and the community around us who support our mission to serve others.”

Joseph Kelly, Product Marketing Manager – “In 2017, I’m thankful for my wife, our 20-year-old cat Tiger, my family, and my health.”

Kevin Turner, Strategic Partner Development – “I’m really grateful to be working with such a dedicated, hard-working, innovative and visionary team that is focused on our customer’s success. I’m thankful for the spirit of partnership and teamwork we have, where everybody makes themselves available to help each other. I’m also grateful for our partners who have been so loyal and work so hard to keep up with our new features and strategic partnerships, and who help our customers achieve their business goals. And of course, I’m grateful for our customers who are loyal, collaborative, and appreciate the CRM application that we work so hard to provide.”

Jenna Dobkin, Director of Communications – “I am deeply grateful for my 7-year-old sons, Ben and Jake. Watching them grow up is second to none. I’m grateful that my mom has joined us in our home, on our life journey. And I’m grateful to come onboard the Nimble team and have the opportunity to help build something spectacular.”

Michaela Underdahl, Community Engagement Manager – “I’m thankful for being healthy and for my incredibly supportive and patient husband. I’m thankful for both my Czech and American families and friends and the time I can spend with them. I am also thankful for smart people who create technology that allows me to stay in touch with the people I love who many times happen to be halfway across the world. I’m thankful for being able to travel and live the way I choose.”

Brian Bagley, Director of Sales – “I’m thankful for being happy and healthy and having good friends and family to enjoy my life with. There’s nothing more important than the compassion and happiness you get to share with people, and I’m thankful to have that in my life.”

Ella Swimmer, Marketing Intern – “I’m thankful for my health as well as the well-being of my family and friends, a wonderful education, and the opportunity to work at such an amazing company (Nimble 😉 ) even when I can’t be there physically. I am thankful for all the memories I’ve shared with people close to me this year, as well as the opportunity to live in two beautiful cities.”

Dwight Foster, VP of Business Development – “I am thankful for a wonderful Care Team.”

Yuri Ostapyuk, Senior Front-End Engineer – “I’m thankful for my beautiful wife, family, and friends for their love and support, and I’m also thankful for my foes for they are giving me strength.”

Michelle Besitula, Care Ninja – “I’m thankful for my significant other, Larry, who is my love, my friend and my foundation who helped me get through the toughest trials of my life. I am also thankful for my parents and two brothers being of good health and are safe from harm. I am thankful for my friends that give me their love and friendship, despite not being able to see each other often. Lastly, I’m thankful for having a home, meals to eat, and being alive, despite having a weak body.”

Anton Koval, Senior Back-End Programmer – “I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for the peaceful world around me. I’m thankful for being able to enjoy the life.”

Krystan Linneer, Care Ninja – “I’m thankful for a beautiful life that includes my husband, as well as our amazing friends and families who love and support us in all we do. I’m also thankful to be part of such a wonderful team that works tirelessly in their roles to delight our users daily.”

Samantha Palmer, Lead Care Ninja – “I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given and my achievements. This year, I was tasked with adding a few new Care Ninjas to our customer success team. For the first time in my experience as a Customer Care Lead at Nimble, I was trusted to run the full interview process as well as on-boarding for my new colleagues. It was a great experience which pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and I am thankful that I was trusted by my peers and employers to take on such a responsibility. In addition to a wonderful year at Nimble, I am also thankful for my incredible boyfriend, my sensational dog, Bilbo and all the close family and friends in my life.”

Olivia Cantwell, Care Ninja – “I am thankful for my amazing support system, family, and friends, at home that made it possible for me to graduate college this year. In addition, I am thankful for the support team here at Nimble that made the transition from full-time college student to full team employee so seamless. I am so thankful for graduating college and kinda just jumping right into Nimble just two short months later and being able to find my place here.”

Dmitri Krupnov, Senior Product Manager – “I’m thankful to be working in an environment where everybody is constantly striving to improve themselves and consequently expect the world as a whole to incrementally improve around them.”

Sergey Shvets, Head of Product – “I’m thankful for all the events and decisions that led me to my current place in life. I’m thankful for my beloved wife who pushes me to pursue happiness no matter what and rejuvenates me to take and solve new challenges. And I’m thankful for all people who work hard, dream, explore, educate, inspire and push this world to be a better place for all of us.”


We’d love nothing more than to hear from you in the comments! Please feel free to share what you are thankful for in 2017 as well. 🙂

We wish a happy holiday season, and the coziest of Thanksgivings, to you and yours!