A Digital Marketer’s 2018 Guide to Twitter Lead Generation

Marketing and technology are the yin and yang of any successful business. Marketing embodies the storytelling that attracts and connects brands with their target audience, and technology provides the platforms and efficiencies to catapult the former’s creative power. Executed properly, this dynamic duo can manifest mind-blowing successes.When speaking to the partnership of marketing and technology, few are as well versed as Travis Wright.

Travis is the Co-Founder and CMO at CPP Digital; a digital marketing and advertising agency. Throughout his 20+ year marketing career, Travis has given over 160 keynote presentations in 18 countries, co-authored the book Digital Sense, and served as host ofThe Bad Crypto podcast, iTunes’ #1 podcast on cryptocurrency, and VB Engage on Venturebeat.

In the latest Nimble growth hack interview (see video, above), Mark Fidelman, Growth Hacking video series host and Fanatics Media CEO, connected with Travis to find out how he uses Twitter for lead generation. Highlights of the interview are summarized below.

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How Travis Hacks Twitter

While Travis has used a variety of growth tactics over the years, one of his preferred methods involves Twitter, BuzzSumo and Nimble:

“One of my favorite tools out there is [content analytics platform] BuzzSumo, you can get a lot of great data from BuzzSumo, including who shares certain articles. I… take a look at those sharers and sort them by who[m] is most relevant. Then I can begin to build custom audiences in Twitter.”

Taking the sharers that Travis uncovers through BuzzSumo, he then creates custom lists in Twitter that he will eventually serve relevant adverts to, as a means to generating leads. Travis also uploads those exact same Twitter users into Nimble in order to learn more about them:

“I can actually add those [Twitter users] in Nimble [to] get information about [them] and figure out who is most relevant to me. With other aspects of the Nimble platform, I can…even find their email addresses.”

Nimble not only helps Travis establish a potential prospect’s relevance to him and his business, but it also assists him in quickly finding contact details and reaching out on a more intimate and alluring level, greatly increasing his chances of building a relationship and making a sale.

“I love to be able to get my contacts over into Nimble because then I can see all of their other social graphs; I can see where they are and what they’re doing on these other platforms, which I find helpful. [Getting additional information] about people who might [potentially] do business with you or you’re going to try to prospect…is a valuable system to put in place.”

How to Digitally Connect with Travis

Travis clearly has an in-depth understanding about how to utilize Nimble in creative and prosperous manners, as well as a whole wealth of knowledge pertaining to various technological solutions used inside and outside of the marketing industry.

Leave a comment to connect with Travis and learn more about these and other Twitter hacks. You can also reach out to him on his website, connect through his Twitter profile, or by checking out The Bad Crypto podcast for all things cryptocurrency.