6 Sales Management Books For Savvy Sales Leaders

I’m always looking for good business books, but finding a great sales book can be overwhelming. Just type sales management into amazon books and you will get over 64,000 results! With so many books on sales it’s hard to pick the right book, and if you’re like me you don’t have time to waste with self-promoting fluff-filled business books. Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work for you and selected six of the best books for sales leaders, I’ve read lately.

Whether you are a business owner with a small sales team or a sales rep who was recently promoted to a managerial role, these sales management books will sharpen your sales success toolbox!

1. Sales Management. Simplified: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

Author: Mike WeinbergSales Management. Simplified by Mike Weinberg

Weinberg holds up a giant mirror for senior executives and sales leaders as he makes the blunt case (along with stories to prove it) that the “sales” problem at most companies is actually a problem with how the sales team is being led. Already a #1 Amazon Bestseller, Sales Management. Simplified has been called “arguably the greatest book ever written on sales management” and “an unequaled blueprint for leading salespeople and building high-performance sales teams.” Part One pulls back the covers to reveal the common leadership reasons sales teams underperform, and Part Two offers a very simple framework any sales leader or company can implement to dramatically improve their sales culture and performance. [Buy Now]

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2. Whale Hunting With Global Accounts: Four Critical Sales Strategies to Win Global Customers

Sales Management BooksAuthor: Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith

In Whale Hunting with Global Accounts, Barbara Weaver Smith takes business owners and executives, national and global sales leaders, and large account sales reps on a deep dive into the four critical sales strategies that will make you the winners in the competition for global accounts.

The voices of fourteen global sales experts — current practitioners and sales leaders — contribute seamlessly to the narrative for a powerfully multinational perspective. Weaver Smith will teach you how to become a smarter, more insightful, global account team who will win unlimited long-term business. [Buy Now]

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3. Hire Right, Higher Profits – The Executive’s Guide to Building a World-Class Sales ForceHire Right, Higher Profits by Lee Salz

Author: Lee B. Salz

Executives spend countless hours coming up with new sales strategies, yet few invest the time to find the right people to execute them. In “Hire Right, Higher Profits,” Lee Salz presents an easy-to-implement program that helps you select the right salespeople and create the plan needed to get them up to speed fast. [Buy Now]

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4. The Hybrid Sales Channel: How to Ignite Growth by Bridging the Gap Between Direct and Indirect SalesThe Hybrid Sales Channel by Rich Blakeman (1)

Author: Rich Blakeman, Managing Director, MHI Global

Today’s customers have more buying options than ever before. They don’t care if it’s direct or indirect. They don’t mind if it’s not your preferred sales model. And they don’t like it when you try to tell them how to buy from you. If you want your customers to keep buying–and your company to keep growing–you need to rethink and retool the way you’re selling. The Hybrid Sales Channel shows you how to integrate, invigorate, and maximize the direct and indirect sales channels you already have–so you’ll be able to sell more, sell more effectively, and sell in ways that customers want to buy. [Buy Now]

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5. The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate GrowthThe Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth

Author: Trish Bertuzzi

Trish was compelled to write this book for one simple reason. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how to do sales development. In this book she identifies six elements for scaled development success; Strategy, Specialization, Recruiting, Retention, Execution and Leadership. These six elements are critical and came to her by years of trial and error working with hundreds of her clients. She has used this proven system with her clients to double their growth. If you are doing sales development at your company, this is a must read. [Buy Now]

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6. The OneTEAM Method: How Sales & Marketing Collaboration Can Boost Big Business.

Author: Peter StrohkorbThe Hybrid Sales Channel by Rich Blakeman

The art of Sales and Marketing has undergone tremendous change over the last few years, and many organizations are struggling to cope with the new and still evolving Buyers Journey paradigm. There has never been a time when Sales and Marketing have needed to collaborate as closely, or as effectively, as they do today. This book examines the worldwide innovation phenomenon of Sales + Marketing Collaboration and outlines an expert method that shows organizations how to forge a vastly more productive partnership between their Sales and Marketing teams. Today’s most forward-thinking organizations are using the OneTEAM Method™ to deliver breakthrough business success. [Buy Now]

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What I appreciate about all six of these books is their actionable methods and processes that are outlined clearly throughout their pages. Sales leaders can read 1 or 6 of these books and walk away with new tools and perspectives that will help them increase sales!

What books about sales or sales management are on your shelf or kindle? Leave a comment below with a few of your favorites!