5 Ways to Find (and Connect with) Twitter Followers

Nimble is a clever tool for busy networkers. It is a fantastic CRM  for managing your online relationships, but first you need relationships to manage!

I have spent years cultivating strong relationships with people on Twitter. According to StatisticsBrain.com, 135,000 new people join Twitter every day! Here are five ways you can use Twitter to grow and nurture your network:

twitter follow bird

1. Import your contacts.

When you create a Twitter account, you are directed to import your contacts so Twitter can identify those you know who are already using it. Return to this step from time to time by clicking Discover > Find Friends.

2. Use Twitter Advanced Search.

Super Tip: Search for topics of interest by zip code. You can do this by searching for a full term like “wood working” or “aqua aerobics” (two things I know nothing about). The results will return tweets with these terms in the zip codes you are searching. Don’t forget to engage. Reply and retweet the best content.

3. Connect with Twitter Chats.

Two of my favorite Twitter chats are Mack Collier’s #BlogChat on Sunday nights from 9 – 10 pm EST and Brandie McCallum and Tim McDonald’s My Community Manager chat #CMGRHangout every Friday from 2 – 3 pm EST. Find a chat that suits you and use Tweetchat.com to participate. The more you engage, the more connections you will make.

4. Use Public and Private Twitter Lists.

Note the username of someone you enjoy on Twitter. Now enter the URL: https://twitter.com/NAME/lists.

Super Tip: This reveals Twitter lists that the person has subscribed to. You can also choose “Member of” to see lists others have added the person to. Find the most interesting lists and subscribe to them. You can return often to the lists to see what the members are tweeting. This is especially helpful before and after large conferences.

Super Tip: Create Private Twitter Lists. You may also choose to group people into a private Twitter list. This is a perfect way to stay on top of what your clients and customers are tweeting. You can learn more about Twitter Lists here.

5. Search Bios.

Super Tip: Use Followerwonk to search keywords in Twitter profiles. Find people you have a shared interest with. If you are a veterinarian, search for the term and include your city name in the location section. Click Social Authority to see who are considered the most influential people in that field.

These are five ways you can find new people to follow on Twitter. Following is only the first step in networking on Twitter. Be sure you are replying and retweeting to the interesting people you find. Introduce yourself, provide introductions to people, answer questions being asked, and provide value to people.

How do you find new people to follow?

Why not take the FREE 14-day Nimble Test Drive?  There is no credit card required, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Use Nimble to build on  my Twitter Tips for cultivating online relationships. After you get started, come back and share your success stories with me!