5 Ways Our Customers Help Us Thrive

They aren’t shy to call us out

Many of our customers have used multiple CRM systems and gained lots of experience using the tools of their trade. They know what they want, and they aren’t timid about letting us know. We often get Emails with valuable feedback such as competitor comparisons, suggested integrations, feature requests, user experience, review on first look, marketing advice, customer service ratings, support ticket alterations, mailing list critiques and more. These emails are precious data to our team and fundamental to shaping how we see the Nimble of the future.

They want to see us get better and better

At the end of the day, everyone wants their own business to excel. There’s a formula for that though, right? You need a great product or service, amazing employees, strong leaders and tools. A lot of the most helpful and efficient tools. That’s why our customers want us to be the most incredible tool for their workflow. They will keep logging in each day of each year if they know we’re helping them out. We totally get it and we absolutely love that we make your lives easier on a daily basis.

They share us with their friends

We don’t do advertising the old-fashioned way. Most of our users joined Nimble because their BFF, work buddy, foot doctor, babysitter, etc. recommended it. We wouldn’t have it any other way. It constantly amazes us to see an international community has developed this way, and we get a kick to see people from as local as Melrose Ave. to Arusha, Tanzania. Thanks for introducing us to so many new friends!

They help us become better communicators

Any customer care member will tell you that these type of positions teach you a lot about people and how to communicate in a clear and empathetic manner. At Nimble, we’ve all had previous customer service positions prior to our time here, and all of us will agree that we’ve met many, many types of people. Some were amazing, others were…interesting. However, they’ve taught us that adapting your communication style to the person you’re talking to can totally transform the way an issue is handled. Every day we’re at work is another opportunity to become stronger listeners, better writers and more understanding and compassionate people. We feel like we’re learning some serious life lessons here.

They can make our day

We’re not gonna lie. The best emails involve compliments. You should see how the Nimble team blushes when a genuinely positive message appears in Desk. It carries us through any support tickets that may have been a little bit gruffer than we’d have liked. It’s not just compliments that keep us happy though. We’re thrilled when we figure out your problem and are able to guide you through the resolution. We love when you let us know why you chose Nimble and how Nimble is helping your business grow. Knowing that Nimble makes your lives easier and more fruitful is simply awesome.

What we’re trying to say is that we appreciate our Nimblers a lot. Please reach out to us with any questions or feedback at [email protected].