3 Fascinating Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic​

If you’re a blogger, you may feel in the dark when it comes to keeping up with ways to drive traffic to your site. While its true that the web is constantly changing, it doesn’t need to be hard to keep up with the times. In fact, the key to driving traffic relies on one tried-and-true age-old principle: give your audience quality content.

While this may sound simple, you surely know its not. Quality content is just part of the equation – learning how to create, share, and promote that content effectively is where it gets tricky. Never fear – we are breaking down valuable tips with innovative ways to increase your blog traffic through quality content.

1. Create quality content

Many think creating quality blog content is the easiest part of the job; however, today, quality can come in many different forms. No longer is content simply posts and photos – now, content includes social media posts, YouTube channels, online presentations and slideshows, and more. With so much competition on the internet and so many ways to create, it’s important to focus on making content stands out while still offering something of value. Think outside of the box so you don’t dry out – use new tools such as Emaze or Easelly to infuse your blog posts and social media posts with a touch of freshness so your audience stays engaged. Of course, when creating content you should always pay attention to relevant keywords, but remember that keyword-packed fluff articles are not forms of valuable content because your audience wants real knowledge on topics.

2. Share quality content

Sharing quality content has never been easier! Social media makes it easy to find and share interesting content for your audience. Additionally, there are many awesome social media tools, my favorites are Hootsuite and Buzzsumo, which scan the web based on your relevant keywords and provide you with trending articles, posts, and more. Share your own content as well as others to generate buzz beyond your blog audience.

 3. Promote quality content

In order to gain a wider fanbase, you need to be recognized as one of the top voices in your field. How do you do this? The good news is, just by blogging you have already gotten started. However, to ensure your blog doesn’t just fade into the backdrop, you must not just be a content creator and sharer, but you must also promote yourself to drive new traffic to your site.

How do you promote your content? Start with social media. Follow others in your niche (especially your bigger competition!) and engage with by re-tweeting or liking their posts to guide their followers to your blog. Additionally, answer questions in relevant forums or even create a forum on your own site to build engagement with your community.

Remember, when it comes to blog traffic, focus on attracting new forms of long-term traffic, not short-term bursts that quickly fade. A visit simply isn’t good enough – your goal should be to build long-lasting engagement with your community, and this starts with quality content. As the old adage goes, it’s all about quality, not quantity. A single share on a big website can generate much more valuable traffic than 1,000 visits from Google keywords.

Photo by: Benson Kua / CC BY 2.0