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Unlock Nimble’s Newest Features to Grow Your Business in 2024

Web Forms

Effortlessly craft personalized web forms and integrate them into your website, social posts, emails, or wherever you wish to harness valuable sales prospects and boost customer interactions in unparalleled ways – no coding expertise needed.

By utilizing Web Forms, you’ll be able to:

  • Create conversion-ready web forms in minutes.
  • Embed web forms on your website or landing page to gather information.
  • Share web forms as standalone pages to start collecting contact info quickly. 
  • Bring the information and reports directly into your CRM.


Web Forms Automations

Experience seamless lead management with our Automatic Contact Creation and Web App Notifications, eliminating the manual hassle of form responses. Effortlessly streamline processes through Web Forms Workflow Automations, transforming your web forms into powerful tools for precise and speedy lead management.

With Web Forms Automation, you can enjoy: 

  • Automatic Contact Creation: Bid farewell to manual contact creation hassles by automating the process from form responses.
  • Web App and Browser Notifications: Stay ahead in the lead game with swift responsiveness, ensuring you never miss a beat with real-time notifications.
  • Automatic Workflow Placement: Effortlessly streamline processes using Web Forms Workflow Automations, automatically placing web form submission contacts into designated workflows.
  • Efficient Lead Management Assistant: These updates transform your Web Forms into powerful tools, serving as your very own lead management assistant for precision and speed.

Email Reminders

Nimble’s new email reminders revolutionize follow-up strategies, seamlessly integrating into workflows for heightened productivity and improved client relationships. With customizable features, users can personalize reminders to suit their unique needs, ensuring a more efficient and tailored approach to communication.

By utilizing Email Reminders, you can: 

  • Prioritize tasks by easily managing and prioritizing follow-ups, ensuring you never miss a crucial interaction.
  • Enhance client engagement by staying connected by scheduling timely follow-ups, and fostering stronger and more meaningful client relationships.
  • Boost efficiency to streamline your workflow with customizable reminders, optimizing your time and efforts for maximum productivity.
  • Personalize communication to tailor your approach by setting reminders for personalized interactions, creating a more engaging and effective communication strategy.

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