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Your day. Laid out for you.

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Because Seeing is Believing.

Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Product Walkthrough
Nimble Product Walkthrough

Nimble is your wingman and your traffic controller.

How can you plan your day without the right information about the tasks you need to accomplish? How can you prioritize? Without the right information you constantly battle urgent versus important, wasting time and missing opportunities.

The Activities tab syncs your calendar with your Google Calendar (and any affiliated 3rd party apps), enabling you to access and view all your tasks and events in a single place. Users can update activity progress, track team progress, set reminders, and assign tasks as well.

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Log Activities in the Contact Record—Nimble never forgets.

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Edit or add Notes, or check off Tasks in an airtight system.

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Set Reminders and Add Activities for future follow-up from any task you undertake.

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Log Notes for phone calls and off-screen related activities directly to your Contact's activity history.

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Schedule Tasks, Meetings, or Assign Deals.