Cross Promotional Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Leaders

What happens when a customer needs to get to a hotel or a meeting after a flight? It’s evident. They have to pick up the phone to find someone, but it’s not worth it. You can pick up your phone to find a great cab, but why not an Uber? You could create partnerships with cabs and airlines to introduce new customers with a lovely discount vacation and/or strive to gain group bookings by making their travel easier. Below are some suggestions by Adagold Aviation, who have been blogging and using social media as a way of attracting new clients for several years now. They’re also hook up with other travel brands to multiply impact through cross promotions.

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Maximize #LinkedIn for Business Development

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development


 JULY 1, 2015 AT 10 AM PDT 

With special guest Brynne Tillman & host Jon Ferrara

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The Latest Webinar is Totally Tweetable

Who: Our latest webinar, Whistle While You Work: Building Your Brand and Nurturing Your Network Everywhere You Work, features the wonderful Viveka von Rosen and our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara.

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4 Obstacles in Your Way of Business Success

While many people dream of starting their own company, not many actually take the plunge – but why? What holds them back from trying to make a go of things in the business world? Similarly, not all companies survive in the big bad world with many start-ups failing within the first five years, so let’s take a look at four of the main obstacles that get in the way of those business dreams.

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