Challenging Knowledge, Promoting Openness with Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez guests the show to tell us all about surviving 2 months without broadband, and the digital tools he’s using to make his business swing. A bit of a provocateur, he ditched email back in 2008 and works out of Spain.

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Unconventional Ways Of Achieving Business Efficiency Targets

Large businesses seeking to boost productivity, increase profit, and reduce costs, need to streamline their processes and discover new ways to become more efficient. Typical methods might include a focus on keeping waste to a minimum, looking towards low-cost methods of marketing such as social media, and paying close attention to workflow so that orders and other processes are as fast as possible.

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2 Important Questions To Ask For Business Success

Do you know what business you are in?

You may answer: software, creative, manufacturing, construction, financial, legal or accounting, to name a few.

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What a Custom Fitted Office Says About Your Brand

Two Kinds of Offices: Online and Offline

Most businesses today basically work from two offices. There’s their actual offline office site and their online “office” comprised of their business website and blog. Both are hugely important in conveying the specific business brand.

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