5 Features You May Not Have Known Existed In @Nimble #CRM

For many of our new users, Nimble can be seen as quite a mystery!  They might find themselves blindly navigating through tabs, wondering how to map their social networks and start managing contacts.  Even users that have been with Nimble for years may experience the “WOW” factor when they are stunned by a feature they did not know existed!  With so many new gizmos and gadgets constantly being released, it’s very easy to let an email or two about these whatchamacallits slip by unnoticed!  

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Bring Your Network to Work: Empower #Social Employees

“Social Businesses are Powered by Social Employees” features our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, and his guest experts: Meddle CMO and A World Gone Social author Ted Coiné and IBM digital engagement strategist and founder of Executive Social Academy Jim Claussen.

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Improving Your Company’s Customer Service in 2015

Marketing is how a product establishes itself as a contender in the market place. Without an effective marketing strategy, a consumer will never be communicated the value of a product or service. Marketing techniques vary depending on what you’re trying to sell and who the target consumer is. While some aspects of your marketing strategy cannot be controlled (due to the nature of the product), others can be molded to help create the most efficient marketing campaign possible. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to automate most aspects of your marketing campaign and use analytics to gain insight into your target consumer. The three most popular marketing automation software’s are HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot.

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Five Important Stops Along the Road from Metrics to Accountability


I’m sure you’ve had this experience, you’re talking with a colleague who shares your passion on a subject and during the course of the conversation there is a moment of clarity on a particular point.  This happened to me recently in a conversation with a European colleague on the topic of marketing performance.  As we were talking I posited the idea that there is a difference between marketing accountability and metrics.  There was a very brief pause and then he said, “yes, there is, but probably very few marketers have considered this important distinction.”  As we talked further we realized that all of the attention on “Big Data” had most marketers focused more on metrics than on the accountability aspects of marketing performance management. It is accountability, however, that lays the foundation for driving a performance-driven culture.
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