Hello World! from @iloveGarick

Hello World! from @iloveGarick

@iloveGarickOUR STORY The following is a post by Garick Chan, our new community manager here at Nimble.

Hello World,

Quickly, I just wanted to introduce myself as the new Community Manager of Nimble. Hi, I’m Garick!

To give you some background, I started my journey into the digital world back in 1994 through dialing into bbs message-boards with Prodigy and a 2400bps modem. Back then, we did not have all the social sharing avenues that are available today, but there was still that sense of longing to connect with others across the Web.  It was wonderful to dial-in and be connected to the world! I could make friends in Germany, Turkey, Japan, or anywhere else that was awake while all my neighbors were sleeping. Things began evolving to real-time chat rooms on AOL with REAL pictures & images instead of text-based ASCII art. Then Youtube came along and we started seeing and sharing video content as well

Technology is fascinating to me and I’d like to consider myself an early adopter of many things tech. Yes, I’ve kept a blog and had actually managed a blog-ring of some 81+ users. I’ve even managed a webcam-chat community. However, as I watch the digital landscape accelerate at exponential rates, one thing has stayed the same – the desire for real human connections.

It was this idea of community that brought me to Nimble. Nimble is a platform that will help integrate all of the various social feeds out there to keep my contacts in just one place. Clean and simple, it just makes things easier. I hope to bring you relevant news and information about Nimble and technology in general. Please feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything I can help you with.

@iloveGarick or @Nimble on Twitter


  1. And nice to meet you too, Shalini! Thanks for the welcome! =^_^=

  2. very cool thanks, Garick. I am going to check out Nimble

  3. Garick:

    Good luck and welcome. Let’s convince the world that business is better when it is old-fashioned. It is better when it uses technology. It is better when it is social.



  4. Thanks Marcio! I agree that technology is a great way to keep in contact with people and still highly value interpersonal relationships. Personally, I think Meetup had a great slogan in originally saying that “it’s where you go online, to meet people offline.”

    Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you virtually then!

  5. Just signed up. Would love to figure out if Facebook fans are engaged enough to even bother with…  the answer seems like no but I’d like to use Nimble to pin it down for sure. Suggestions?

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