Stand Out from the Social Media Crowd

Kim Garst, founder of Boom! Social and author of “Will The Real You Please Stand Up,” collaborated with our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara to discuss why authenticity is essential to successful business relationships and social selling.

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[WEBINAR] 50 Shades Of Social Selling

Today’s B2B community understands that social selling is a great way to build stronger relationships with your potential buyers. While we all know LinkedIn is a powerful social network, there are so many additional resources to further your client outreach.

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Why Social Media is Destined to Play a Bigger Role in Real Estate Search

Social media is increasingly prevalent today, and most people make use of at least one social media platform on a regular basis.

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Social Networking for Automotive Brands

In a world were ads have skip buttons and not nearly as many people read newspaper, the transport industry knows that social media is becoming key to modern marketing. Social media is all about connecting to your audience in an interactive way. This powerful tool can spark passion and reach out to the tribe of car enthusiasts just waiting to connect about their vehicles.

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