Are You a Car Dealership? Don’t Miss online marketing opportunities

If you run a car dealership, you will want to find people who spend money and buy new cars from you. This is harder than it may seem as there is a lot of competition for spending dollars. While true, you can’t rely on old methods to find new customers, and here are five reasons why you should use social media to advertise your dealership.

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Sales Secrets of Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Before starting our tech startup for commercial real estate, Digsy,  I was a partner at a brokerage firm in SoCal for 12 years. I was very successful at drumming up new business through a series of sales & marketing tricks which I affectionately called “Broker Hacks”.

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How Lawyers Can Use Social Media to Engage With the Community

Social media has changed the way professionals communicate with clients on a personal level. This can also be said about lawyers and how they communicate with fellow lawyers, their clients, and the courts. Social media engagement for a lawyer is much more than the number of followers or the number of mentions for a brand. As a legal professional, it’s your duty to make sure you’re marketing in a legal way.

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Why Travel Business Should Tell Their Stories on LinkedIn?

If you run a travel business, you can help your cause greatly and find more clients if you use LinkedIn. Yes, while a lot of hardworking and dedicated entrepreneurs will set up a website and a social media presence, plenty of people will forget to tell their stories on LinkedIn. With that in mind, here are four reasons why a travel business should tell stories on LinkedIn.

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