Results of Kurt Shaver’s “Old School” Social Selling Experiment

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called “My 1-week Social Selling Experiment” about nurturing the relationships with my LinkedIn connections. I used LinkedIn’s “Keep in Touch” feature that tells you when your connections have trigger events like:

  • A promotion
  • A new job
  • A move
  • A mentioned in the news
  • A birthday
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8 Ways Social Recruiters Use Social Media To Find Your Personal Brand

Do headhunters find your background and value appealing? Or, is your head in the sand with your personal brand?

If you grew up when televisions were black and white, you probably saw many Tarzanepisodes where he was saving a jungle visitor from lions, tigers and … headhunters.

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The Value of Follow-up with Your Clients

As a small business owner, one of my personal challenges is following up with potential new business after providing a proposal/quote.

It’s easy for me to assume, when I haven’t heard back from a client, that: they don’t want to deal with me, they’ve got a better quote, my price is too high, I didn’t present the info well, etc. etc.

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The Most Important Lessons a Sales Professional Can Learn

“I learn something new everyday. But, even more importantly, I learn the same things over and over again.”

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