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“Become disenchanted with anything that takes complex subjects and breaks them down into “Top 10” lists.” – Brian Solis

Social media has changed business. Today’s buyer looks nothing like the buyers I first met when I began selling 25 years ago. Technology allows them to evade us, block us and downright ignore us if they choose. It’s a new world, and if you don’t think so, I’m worried for your future in selling.  

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Leverage Trigger Events in Social Selling

Selling is all about patience, your message and timing. Get the timing and the message wrong and watch your sales opportunity fly right out the window. Unfortunately, a lot of sellers are getting it wrong.  

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With Great LinkedIn Power Comes Great Social Selling Responsibility

LinkedIn is the key social selling tool in every seller’s toolkit. Because you can use LinkedIn to reach anyone in the world directly, does not mean you should.  

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Why Your Proposal Isn’t Closing

Writing sales proposals is tough, time-consuming work. The average sales proposal takes roughly 2 hours. If you’re using some smart proposal software, you can get it down to 15 or 20 minutes.

But that’s all pointless if the proposal doesn’t close. Here are the four reasons that it’s possible that a majority of your sales proposals are not closing – and it doesn’t have to be that way.  

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