What’s in a Name? Why the CMO Should Lobby for the CVO Title

For most organizations value comes from customers. And if you subscribe to the teachings of Peter Drucker, you believe that the only purpose of a business is to create a customer.

Drucker believed that only two things matter when it comes to creating a customer: innovation and marketing.  Classic marketing training posited that to create a customer Marketing owned 4 P’s: Product (the offer), Price, Promotion (the content, channel, and touch points), and Place (the means by which customers purchased the product).  Let’s take the conversation down one more path – marketing’s purpose.  Per Phil Kotler, Marketing’s purpose is to find, keep and grow the value of customers. In summary our logic chain is:

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Challenging Knowledge, Promoting Openness with Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez guests the show to tell us all about surviving 2 months without broadband, and the digital tools he’s using to make his business swing. A bit of a provocateur, he ditched email back in 2008 and works out of Spain.

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2 Important Questions To Ask For Business Success

Do you know what business you are in?

You may answer: software, creative, manufacturing, construction, financial, legal or accounting, to name a few.

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Word-of-Mouth: The Path to Success

Step One – Identify Your “Mouths”

Breaking it down. Word: what people know about you that they’ll want to share with others. Mouth: the number of people that you have relationships with that are willing to share your “Word” with others. Getting more word-of-mouth for your business comes from investing in building relationships with the people that matter most and making it easier for them to share your word.

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