Challenging the Challenger Sale: Where Insight Selling Opens Doors

“The Challenger Sale” is the #1 best-selling sales book on Amazon this morning and has hovered near the top for a while now.

Companies around the world implement its methods and teachings. But does that mean it’s the best way to conduct B2B and B2C sales today? Probably not… Especially in 2014.

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Three Ways to Measure Social Engagement that Aren’t Likes or Retweets

On the surface, social media metrics are pretty straightforward. Click the thumbs-up icon if you “like” something, hit “retweet” if you want your followers to see something particularly interesting, tap the heart icon if you see an Instagram photo that’s particularly gorgeous.

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Nimble Launches New iPhone App

Throughout the summer, we’ve been hard at work updating and improving the Nimble platform. We updated our Smart Contacts Widget for the Chrome Browser, now letting you add, view and engage contacts in every application in your browser. With a simple click of the widget, you can easily import those social connections into your Nimble database.

Then last week, we told you about new changes we made to Nimble’s user interface. The design changes improve your ability to be more effective and productive. Updated search bar, task and collaboration notifications, updated help center and inactivity notifications are just a few of the updates that enhance your Nimble customer experience.

And today, the Nimble the workflow experience just got better!  

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11 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business Save Money

If you’ve ever had the experience working for a small business, you may be familiar with versatile job expectations and coffee makers that double as water heaters. If you own a small business, you know that there are many variables that factor into the day-to-day operation. In a small business environment, employees are often expected to wear many hats and make do with what’s available. The day-to-day items necessary to run a well-equipped office are numerous and tend to add up — shipping contracts, overhead, printing, and network capabilities are just a few examples of quotidian expenses necessary for running a business.

Fortunately, there’s several ways that you can use new apps, social media sharing, and great software to slim down your budget without starving your business of functionality.

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