How To Turn Your Employees Into Social Media Ambassadors

When it comes to social media, a brand authenticity and transparency is what users look for and value. The days of broadcasting sales messages died a long time ago, users want to know what’s going on behind the scenes of a brand and engage with the brand on a human-to-human level.

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A Quick Guide To Getting Started In @Nimble

Before I became a member of the Nimble team a few years ago, I knew very little about social CRMs. I mean, I simply knew the basics, that being CRM stands for customer relationship management and gathering all of your contacts in one platform.

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7 Point Checklist To Improve Sales At Your Company

Are you getting the sales results you want for your company?

It may be time to evaluate what parts of the sales process are right on target with outstanding results and to analyze what needs to be improved to score more sales and close more deals.

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How Partners Can Be Your Best Salespeople

Startup life is tough. You’ve built a great product, you’ve got a nice website, but how do you get potential customers to take notice? If you have a lot of VC money, you hire Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, Content Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Email Marketers and a host of other employees. And if you’re a bootstrapped startup with little cash? Your best bet is to create a network of partners – affiliate partners, channel partners, technology partners – who can help do this work for you.

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