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How To Use LinkedIn to Manage a Talent Pipeline

Maintaining a talent pipeline is not just the role of Human Resources Departments, but the role of senior leaders within a company.

While professionals create and maintain sales and other networking connections, it’s important to make talent management part of your outreach.

LinkedIn can be used to manage a talent pipeline as well as managing referrals and other centers of influence.

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Social Media

Social Media Lessons from The Year of the Snake!

2013 was the year of the snake. And like its Chinese zodiac representative, 2013 saw plenty of slithering, twisting and hissing across the social media sphere. While many organizations had great game plans for growing their social media presences, there were still enough gaffes to go around for all of us.

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Let’s Stamp Out the Generic LinkedIn Invitation!

Perhaps I’m just being hopeful that after you read this post you will NEVER EVER send another generic LinkedIn invitation again. Maybe, just maybe we can sweep the electronic universe clean and never see another one in our own inboxes again!

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