Shopping For a New #CRM? Watch the Replay of our Tuesday’s Demo

Nimble automatically builds your CRM database by gathering existing contact and company records and linking them with your team’s emails, calendar events and social interactions. Now you can take your Nimble network everywhere you engage with our new Smart Contacts App.

Nimble is the first CRM that works wherever you’re engaging customers. The Smart Contacts App provides the context you need to connect intelligently and take action from any social site or business app.

Check out the replay of our Tuesday’s demo to see how Nimble can help you turn conversations into relationships and relationships into revenue.

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The Customer Experience: What We Can Learn from Going to Camp

One of our associates is preparing to send her child, Evan, off to a 3-week overnight summer camp for the first time.  Over the past few months she’s shared how the family went about selecting the right camp for them, and then the amazing job the camp did managing the experience after the selection and before the start of camp. It struck me as a familiar buying process for a considered and consultative sell, followed by an impressive customer onboarding process. So, as you read this article think about how this model could be adapted by your organization to improve your customers’ experience.  

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4 Steps to Clean Data in Your CRM

There’s an old saying about data and data quality: Garbage in and garbage out. It still holds true, as long as there have been databases. Data quality is essential. Nothing can undermine or torpedo user adoption in a new CRM than having bad data.

Bad data costs you money. It could be upwards of $100 per duplicate record, for example, which is quite serious.

It’s time to clean up your CRM instance and keep it that way. Here’s how.

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5 Ways Our Customers Help Us Thrive

They aren’t shy to call us out

Many of our customers have used multiple CRM systems and gained lots of experience using the tools of their trade. They know what they want, and they aren’t timid about letting us know. We often get Emails with valuable feedback such as competitor comparisons, suggested integrations, feature requests, user experience, review on first look, marketing advice, customer service ratings, support ticket alterations, mailing list critiques and more. These emails are precious data to our team and fundamental to shaping how we see the Nimble of the future.

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