6 Content Marketing Hacks That Increase Sales

We’re all sick of reading about content marketing. Increase length, create flawless infographics; keywords, keywords, keywords. We get it. But the truth is, it works. Which is probably why everyone is doing it. So with all the competition, how do you stand out?

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Five Easy Ways to Make 2015 Your Businesses\' Best Year Yet

Each year, businesses are given the opportunity to grow and improve. Running a business is hard work and if you want to be successful you can never afford to just sit back and take it easy. However, there are a few easy ways you can improve your business this year. If you’re looking to make 2015 your company’s best year yet, the five tips below will help.

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How eCommerce Startups Can Use Social to Get Their First Leads

Social media harnesses the power of word-of-mouth advertising to get the message about your product to interested parties. By starting a social media campaign, you can improve your company’s visibility and get your first leads to sell your product or service. Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows individuals to comment on and share your product with others. This makes your social media profile act like an active virtual salesman that goes to work for your around the clock. Social media gathers family and friends in a fun and entertaining way, and that translates to improved lead generation and the ability to reach your customers when they are relaxed and receptive to your message.

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Offering Free Products Through Social Media to Start your Business

There are many ways to gain followers on your social media platform of choice. You can pay for advertisers, participate on more popular pages, recommend your page to everyone you meet or you can offer a free product or service. Of all the options, the free product or service offering provides you with the most loyal followers. The U.S. Small Business Association suggests that giving away a free product is a good incentive for people to follow you or sign up for your newsletter.

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