How Has Social Selling and Sales Evolved in The Past 12 Months?

Two weeks ago I attended the 11th episode of Mark Fidelman’s Blab series with the title “How Social Sales is Dramatically Increasing Customer Acquisition.”

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The Impact Social Media Has On Your Brand & What To Do About It

One good definition of a brand is the sum of public perceptions about an organisation. And where do we find most people talking, giving and sharing opinions now? On social media. Over half of the UK population have active social media accounts, which is why businesses that care about their brand neglect social media at their peril.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Business Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is part of every day life. For example, when you find the perfect house to buy you don’t just accept the price the house is listed for (unless you’re in a highly competitive market where bidding wars are common).

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How to Mine Your LinkedIn Network for Gold

Building and nurturing your professional network should be something you are always working on. Having a large network can open doors for you that would otherwise remain locked. At any stage of your career it is not only about your experience and your capabilities, it is also about who you know.

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