How Content Marketing Has Impacted Digital Marketing (And What It Means for Your Business)

No matter where you are, it’s pretty obvious that content marketing is having a moment lately. A Content Marketing Institute study found that 58% of B2B marketers are planning on increasing their content marketing budget this year, and a whopping 92% of marketers are using content marketing.  

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How Not to Use Social Media for Your Start Up?

Over these last 6 years we have made many more mistakes than have had successes, but based on these unsuccessful attempts is how we have really learned. That is the main goal of this article that I share with you.

In a world of entrepreneurships, this new world and the constant evolution that Social Media represents, it is totally different from what we can imagine. Its rules vary constantly. The same happens with the correct strategies to be implemented. 

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15 Ideas for Curating Content

Social selling success breaks down into 3 buckets:

  • Strategy
  • Skills
  • Execution

Basically, you need a plan, sales and technology skills, the right technology to support your goals, consistent execution and a commitment to measure and track your results. Going straight to tactics can be a waste of time, costly and frustrating. With buyers starting the journey without sales people initially, you need a way to create a sense of authority and influence, and anyone who sells anything certainly needs to be visible and easily found.  

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50 Sales and Social Business Quotes

Over at LinkedIn, Sr. Social Marketing Manager Koka Sexton is working his creative magic once again. He has curated 50 quotes related to sales, social media and social business. Worth taking a few minutes to go through them. You’ll notice that Nimble’s own CEO Jon Ferrara is also highlighted.  Nice work, Koka!

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