5 Features You May Not Have Known Existed In @Nimble #CRM

For many of our new users, Nimble can be seen as quite a mystery!  They might find themselves blindly navigating through tabs, wondering how to map their social networks and start managing contacts.  Even users that have been with Nimble for years may experience the “WOW” factor when they are stunned by a feature they did not know existed!  With so many new gizmos and gadgets constantly being released, it’s very easy to let an email or two about these whatchamacallits slip by unnoticed!  

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Bring Your Network to Work: Empower #Social Employees

“Social Businesses are Powered by Social Employees” features our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, and his guest experts: Meddle CMO and A World Gone Social author Ted Coiné and IBM digital engagement strategist and founder of Executive Social Academy Jim Claussen.

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How to Find Valuable Employees through Online Networking

Hiring the right employees could be determined these days by an online networking effort. Websites such as LinkedIn could provide information about a potential employee like an actual career assessment (to learn more about career assessment and job suitability testing, read this post from Harrison Assessment).

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Facebook For Business: Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great place to do business.

In case you need a little convincing, there are more than 30 million business pages on Facebook and more than 890 million active users every day.

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