100 Great Subscriptions That Will Streamline Your Business

The flexible, affordable, and convenient nature of subscription services make them a natural choice for companies looking to streamline operations in every aspect of their business. The rise of cloud technology and software-as-service products means that you have more choices than ever before, and spreading the payment over monthly subscription fees allows you to minimize the risk of your investment. Not sure where to start? We’ve scoured the web to create the ultimate list of 100 premium subscriptions which will change the way you do business.

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11 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business Save Money

If you’ve ever had the experience working for a small business, you may be familiar with versatile job expectations and coffee makers that double as water heaters. If you own a small business, you know that there are many variables that factor into the day-to-day operation. In a small business environment, employees are often expected to wear many hats and make do with what’s available. The day-to-day items necessary to run a well-equipped office are numerous and tend to add up — shipping contracts, overhead, printing, and network capabilities are just a few examples of quotidian expenses necessary for running a business.

Fortunately, there’s several ways that you can use new apps, social media sharing, and great software to slim down your budget without starving your business of functionality.

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Skip the Top 10 Lists

“Become disenchanted with anything that takes complex subjects and breaks them down into “Top 10” lists.” – Brian Solis

Social media has changed business. Today’s buyer looks nothing like the buyers I first met when I began selling 25 years ago. Technology allows them to evade us, block us and downright ignore us if they choose. It’s a new world, and if you don’t think so, I’m worried for your future in selling.  

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Infographic: A Guide to Marketing Genius

Content marketing has never been more important to your overall Social Business strategy. Here are current trends shared by our colleagues at Demand Metric.  

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