Word-of-Mouth: It’s About More Than Your Customers

In a digital age, word-of-mouth advertising is about more than your customers!

Most of us know that what people say about our business (staff, products, services) to their family and friends (word-of-mouth) is important to our business. We know that spending money on marketing services or products that have a bad reputation with consumers, and not doing anything about it, is similar to burning money.

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Why Marketing Needs to Expand Pipeline Metrics Beyond Counting Leads

For many organizations, marketing’s primary role in maximizing the pipeline equation is to add as many qualified opportunities – those most likely to close – to the pipeline as possible (leads). So it’s no wonder that Marketers tend to rely upon a variety of common lead-related metrics, such as cost per lead, lead volume and lead quality – to measure their customer acquisition effectiveness. However, limiting marketing’s metrics to “leads” actually does both marketing and the organization a disservice. Learn what other pipeline-related metrics marketing should employ to facilitate better activity and investment decisions.

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Raising the Bar for Your Business’s Social Media & Content Marketing Strategies

We are in the midst of a content marketing revolution, and businesses, writers, consumers, and marketers are all better for it. The easy-availability of interesting, engaging content means that everyone–regardless of their role in the contribution process–are better informed, and more likely to know exactly what’s going on in an industry.  

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10 Ways SEO + Social Can Help Your Business

As digital marketers, one of the questions we get asked the most frequently is how we use social media- but until recently, we didn’t really have much evidence about the impact social media has on SEO. Recently, however, a study showed that 58% of marketers who have used social media for one year or longer report increased search engine rankings.  

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