Maximize #LinkedIn for Business Development

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development


 JULY 1, 2015 AT 10 AM PDT 

With special guest Brynne Tillman & host Jon Ferrara

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The Latest Webinar is Totally Tweetable

Who: Our latest webinar, Whistle While You Work: Building Your Brand and Nurturing Your Network Everywhere You Work, features the wonderful Viveka von Rosen and our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara.

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Educating Consumers is Just as Important as Educating Employees

Education is very important not just for the consumer but employees as well. Training and marketing have the same goal: they all seek to change the behavior. Even as the gap between training and marketing seems to close fast, the importance of education on employees and consumers cannot be underemphasized.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Selling, Part 1

Before I joined Nimble a few years ago, I had trouble grasping the concept of “Social Selling” because I felt like many people – I was afraid to put myself out there on social outside of friends and family. I didn’t really see the value in building a brand for myself on social because I felt it would be more useful to focus my workday on the tasks I had to get done.

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