Stroking Your Way towards Trade Show Sales Success

Ah, the ego.

Sometimes the ego gets in the way, and is a burden to deal with. Either your ego, or someone else’s.

But sometimes, the ego is your biggest ally when it comes to sales.


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Eight Ways to Reach and Engage Industry Influencers

Getting a list of key influencers is your industry is the easy part. There are countless “most influential” lists out there, not to mention social media rankings and other tools (such as Little Bird) to give you ranked lists of people you want to influence (as a means of getting your information in front of their followers).

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When to Seek a Marketing Specialist

After a brutal winter, spring has finally arrived–and along with it, allergies. After the colder and longer than usual winter, plants have burst into action, spraying all sorts of pollen into the air, and my normally healthy husband, who works outdoors, has succumbed.  He was really suffering, to the point where it began to affect his ability to work.  He thought he could do battle on his own, but after a few miserable days and sleepless nights he:  

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