Five Important Stops Along the Road from Metrics to Accountability


I’m sure you’ve had this experience, you’re talking with a colleague who shares your passion on a subject and during the course of the conversation there is a moment of clarity on a particular point.  This happened to me recently in a conversation with a European colleague on the topic of marketing performance.  As we were talking I posited the idea that there is a difference between marketing accountability and metrics.  There was a very brief pause and then he said, “yes, there is, but probably very few marketers have considered this important distinction.”  As we talked further we realized that all of the attention on “Big Data” had most marketers focused more on metrics than on the accountability aspects of marketing performance management. It is accountability, however, that lays the foundation for driving a performance-driven culture.
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How to Find Valuable Employees through Online Networking

Hiring the right employees could be determined these days by an online networking effort. Websites such as LinkedIn could provide information about a potential employee like an actual career assessment (to learn more about career assessment and job suitability testing, read this post from Harrison Assessment).

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Facebook For Business: Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great place to do business.

In case you need a little convincing, there are more than 30 million business pages on Facebook and more than 890 million active users every day.

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Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences for 2015

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and in such a fast-paced field, one of the best ways to keep up with the latest techniques is by reaching out to other digital marketers and learning straight from them. There’s no better place to learn from fellow industry experts than at a digital marketing conference; you can combine attending informational seminars with networking with other digital marketers. Plus, you also get to explore a new city and enjoy a few happy hours. It’s a win-win situation.

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