One Secret to Help You Achieve Your Revenue Goals

Imagine you are one of the 82 auto repair and service shops shown in this Google map and you are either not achieving your revenue goals or want to increase revenue this financial year.

The distance from one end of the road to the other is about 7 kilometres (4.5 miles). This means on average there is one competitor to your business every 85 meters (50 yards)!

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Social Selling Etiquette & Why You Should Share

The vast majority of us are now using some form of social media in our rapidly evolving and innovative digital world. After engaging with a number of the world’s top thought leaders that use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels for branding and selling purposes, it is quite apparent that social selling etiquette is required to generate more business and increase sales.

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How Well Do You Know The People You Work With?

In business, for success, there should be a natural flow to things. Perhaps you notice it when a business deal just comes together or when you attend a business meeting where the conversation and ideas just keep coming or as you go through your day everything just happens as it should and on schedule.

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Nimble Named Hot Vendor in Social Selling

We’re super excited to share that Nimble was named a 2015 Hot Vendor in Social Selling by Aragon Research, a technology focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought leading strategic research and trusted advisory services.

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