One Touch, Two Touch, First Touch, Last Touch: The Attribution and Impact of Content on Customer Behavior

As marketers create more content, leverage more channels, and vary the touches, it is essential given the investment of time, energy, and money that we understand each of these plays to the buying process, and which components have the greatest impact on generating conversations, consideration and ultimately consumption. This article explores optimization and attribution modeling, when to use them, how they differ, plus the various approaches for assigning and measuring attribution.

Thermometer - Customer Response

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Infographic: A Guide to Marketing Genius

Content marketing has never been more important to your overall Social Business strategy. Here are current trends shared by our colleagues at Demand Metric.  

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Synching Content with the Customer Buying Process

Marketers everywhere are scrambling to develop content and leverage the myriad of channels as a way to reach and connect with prospects and customers.

Here’s the kicker, if we focus on producing content without taking the customer buying process into consideration our efforts may be for naught. Content delivered in the right channel at the wrong time can be a wasted touch point. This article outlines how to synchronize mix and content with the customer buying journey and lifecycle, and why this is important.

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With Great LinkedIn Power Comes Great Social Selling Responsibility

LinkedIn is the key social selling tool in every seller’s toolkit. Because you can use LinkedIn to reach anyone in the world directly, does not mean you should.  

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